Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surprise Package

Want to know what is one of the most exciting things to happen at the end of a crappy Wednesday afternoon? Getting a surprise package in the mail from one of your favourite people! I haven't been this excited over something in what feels like forever. It was especially good timing since I've just been in a funk this week. So I would like to just give a huge shout out to Tory and her husband for completely making my day and giving me such delight. You don't know how much I needed this today. Love you hon.

When I picked it up from the post office I had to resist the urge to just tear it apart right then and there. But I figured our super strict post office lady wouldn't appreciate that. So I calmly took it to my car and drove the 10 minutes home without breaking into it. Pretty impressive self control eh? Don't worry, as soon as I got home I had Dan helping me get into it. It was at this point where I thought I should probably document it all with pictures.

The card was so sweet and made my heart melt a little bit. Everything was all wrapped up in fun colourful paper with cute little post-it notes on them. So delightful.

The first package was for Mia and this is what it said.

She really really liked the present. Thank you Rosie, Guillie and Ozzy.

It's blurry but she was so cute licking the package

Patiently waiting for her two new tennis balls
She played with them intensely for 10 minutes or so and then we took them away for a bit so she couldn't completely destroy them in the first day.

The next package was for Dan. Her husband helped choose them.

 Yummy looking potato chips! I can't wait to help Dan get into them. :P

The last two packages were for me and they were absolutely perfect and brought a huge smile to my face.

Chai Spice Tea. I had a cup of it tonight.

My lucky little piggy
I love the friendships I have made online and the wonderful women I have met. I can't imagine where I would be now if it weren't for the support of some strong and amazing women. I feel blessed to have them in my life and today is proof of the bonds that you can build.


  1. It is BEYOND fun for me to see your hands holding the things I wrapped just over a week ago! I'm so glad that you, Dan, and Mia enjoyed it all, but, mostly, I'm just glad that I could bring well-deserved smiles to your faces. :-)

    And, as you know, the packaging itself was recycled from a care package sent to me by a long-distance friend a few weeks ago, to cheer Jeff and me up after our most recent loss. I love that the love is being passed on--it's like there's a little piece of that awesome lady in the package I sent to you!

  2. Tory, it was such a fun package to receive! And I love that a little piece of love from that other fabulous lady is wrapped up in the package. Thanks again!

  3. Jenn, I'm so glad that you received something to cheer you up during a bad week. You (actually all of us) are so lucky to have found the support we have and to especially have found Tory. HUGS to both of you lovely ladies.

    I nominated you for Liebster award. Keep making me feel like an inferior housewife. ;)

  4. Stasy, I totally agree with you and being lucky to have found Tory. She is awesome. :D

    And thanks for the Liebster award nomination! I will do my best to answer your questions and nominate some other wonderful bloggers.