Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dog Shaming & Goodbye Book

In case you haven't heard of dog shaming before, check out this tumblr site for some laughs and to give you an idea of how popular this actually is. ----> As in, we didn't make it up.

I got home from work on Friday and was met at the door by Dan. Mia was locked in the sunroom and Dan didn't look happy at all. I immediately knew that Mia had done something bad but I wasn't prepared for what it actually was.

Remember back in November when I posted about attending my very first book signing? Remember how excited I was to meet John and Sherry from Young House Love? How excited I was to have a signed book? How we drove 2 hours to get there and then waited 3 hours in line? Remember that book? Let's look back shall we.

So excited to finally have it in my hands
Meeting John and Sherry!
Ah, such good memories. Such a beautiful book it was.
Yes, I said was.

Can you believe she did that? Does she not realize how precious this book was to me? I was so mad.

Excuse the weird face. It's my sad/mad face.
My first reaction was shock. Then anger. Then an overwhelming sadness. This book was one of a kind and had meaning to me. Yes, I can technically replace it but this one was signed by John and Sherry themselves. I had met them, talked to them and they had signed THIS book.

I called my mom and offered her a free black lab, full bag of food included. She said no, so instead I just vented away at how mad I was at Mia. Once some of the anger and sadness faded away, we decided to put a little bit of humour into a crappy situation. We decided to dog shame Mia.

It did make us smile a little bit. Only a little bit though.

I DESTROYED my mom's special book that she had signed by the authors.
- Mia
At least she looks guilty.

Since we're on the subject of ruined books and dog shaming, I'll share the other thing she did at the same time. I guess it was a two for one deal on book shredding.

 Dan and I had just finished making a photo book of our home projects. We had received a $20 gift certificate to MyPublisher so we made up a book and were excited to show it off to friends and family when they stopped by for a visit. We thought it would be nice to have a book of our projects to just flip through instead of wandering around the whole house.

We had it for less than a week.

So we dog shamed her again.

I chewed up a brand new photo book my owners made. :(
And here's a bonus dog shaming. I think we're going to make a habit out of this. :P

I ate two boxes of granola bars and a package of Sidekicks (all while my owner was in the basement).
Sometimes I don't like being a dog owner. Mia has ruined so many things and it makes me so sad to think of them all. But honestly, I think that her destroying my Young House Love book made me the saddest. My heart just sank when I saw it lying there on the table.

Bad dog.


  1. Doesnt she know we waited 3 hours in line for that book?! :(

    Try emailing John and Sherry?

  2. Oh no!!! two books and two boxes of granola bars! but those signs are super funny!

  3. Casey, I knew you would understand my heartbreak. I am going to email John and Sherry and appeal to them to please send me a new book (which I will pay for of course). If they agree, I'm going to get them to sign it saying "sorry your dog ate the first book".

  4. Ugh, I'm so sorry. I cringed when I saw these pictures on Facebook. BAD DOG!

  5. oh no!! Sorry she destroyed your books! =\ I had to clean up 4 (count 'em FOUR) piles of poop yesterday, strewn across the house! lol oh the joys of being a dog-owner...

  6. Erin, I agree. Bad dog. And thanks for understanding my chagrin over this sad end to my book.

    Kate, sometimes I wonder what we were thinking when we got a dog. I'm so sorry you had to pick up so much poop!

  7. (I actually considered, very BRIEFLY yesterday afternoon, being done with my oldest - after he ate the entire bag of freshly made oatmeal cookies. Off the kitchen counter. He's 17lbs... ) AGH!!!

  8. Kate, I can't believe that he ate the whole bag of cookies! I would have been furious. I totally understand the fleeting moments of wanting to give away the dog. What kind is he? I kind of chuckled when you said 17lbs because Mia is over 60lbs. 17 seems so small. :P

  9. (He's a JackRusselTerrier + Chihuahua mix.. he's got mad "ups" unfortunately, lol)