Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gluten-Free Bread: Attempt #1

Last night I decided to try my hand at baking my first loaf of gluten-free bread. I think that out of all things gluten, bread is the one thing I miss the most. Just thinking about a warm loaf of bread, freshly cut, with butter melting into it, is enough to make me salivate. If I think about it enough in a day, I'll probably even dream about it that night. I just love freshly baked bread.

I've bought the loaves of white rice bread before and they just don't cut it. The only way to make them somewhat edible is to toast them and put a lot of jam on them. Even then, it's just not right.

So I decided that I would just have to try making my own.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe that looked simple enough and that I had all the ingredients for. It is from the blog gluten-free goddess and here is the recipe. 

Now if you clicked on that link, you will notice that her bread looks a heck of a lot better than mine does! I have a feeling she didn't make that loaf pictured in a bread machine, as there is no way it came out looking that good.

One of the reasons why I chose this recipe is that she made it using a Breadman bread machine, which is exactly what I have. It seemed like fate.

I must admit though, I was a little worried when I pulled it out of the machine and it looked all flat and dense.

But I wasn't exactly expecting perfect gluten-free bread on my first try. Far from it actually. I'm impressed mine even came out in one piece!

Since most gluten-free products are best the day they are made, I sliced off a piece to taste.

Much to my surprise, it actually looked a bit like bread.

I slathered on some butter and then some homemade strawberry jam and took a bite. (Random side note about the jam, it looks a little strange because the jam kind of crystallizes if it's been in the fridge for too long. Since it still tastes good, I can't just throw it away, so we continue to eat the weird looking jam.)

I was pleasantly surprised. It actually tasted good and even a little bread like. I took another bite. Yup, still good. Then to really prove to myself that my bread tasted half decent, I made Dan take a bite too. Even he said that it tasted pretty good. Success!

While I know that this bread is not perfect and it looks a little sad, I'm pretty proud of myself for making an edible loaf on my first try.


  1. I'm going to have to try this sometime.

    I think it might encourage me to make the leap to being fully GF.

  2. Let me know how it turns out for you. I totally think you would do fabulously on a GF diet. You are an inspiration to me in the health/food department.