Friday, February 1, 2013

Secret Ingredient Cookies

Some times I wish that I was creative and could come up with stuff all on my own. But alas, I am not and so I have to depend on Pinterest to give me awesome ideas. Last week, I stumbled across this recipe for Grain-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites. I was drawn in by the pictures and couldn't stop staring and wanting. If you haven't already, click on the link and see what I mean. I'll wait.

Okay, so now that we've got that out of the way, we can get back to my cookie dough bite making adventure. First things first, the recipe called for 1/2 cup of natural peanut butter and in her notes she mentioned that they work best with homemade peanut butter. I was intrigued. Never has the thought even crossed my mind that I can make my own peanut butter and here is this blog telling me to do it. She even has a recipe. I figured it was worth a shot since I didn't really want to use up my expensive natural peanut butter that I have for toast and things. So I puchased my peanuts, threw them in the food processor, let them do their thing for 4-5 minutes and look at what I created!

Are you impressed or what? I sure was. It's even all smooth and easy to spread. This is totally my kind of peanut butter. I think I might have to start doing this on a more regular basis.

Once I had my peanut butter ready for the recipe, I got back to the other ingredients. And now for the secret ingredient.



Ignore the fact that you probably already knew that since I just finished sending you over the original recipe on Texanerin Baking blog. Pretend to be surprised okay?

Once the chickpeas were washed and dried, I added them to the food processor along with all the other ingredients, minus the chocolate chips. Then I buzzed them up good, stopping every once in a while to scrape down the edges.

Once I decided that they were good and mixed and no longer chunky, I added in the chocolate chips and pulsed a few times until they looked like cookie dough.

Now let me take a moment to say something about these chocolate chips. Why didn't I know about these sooner?!!?!?! See how it's written right there on the bag "Free of milk, peanuts, tree nuts and soy"? They are so perfect for me! Plus, they are also gluten-free. These chocolate chips can be eaten completely safe without me having to feel guilty. I've been sneaking in small amounts of chocolate with dairy because I just don't care, I need some chocolate. But discovering these chipits made me so happy! They are also a decent price, at $3.99 a bag. I was pleased.

Now back to the cookies. Here they are, all round and ready to go in the oven.

They took a little over 10 minutes to bake and I couldn't wait until they were finished. I just wanted to get some of that chocolatey goodness into my mouth!

They don't really look cooked when they are finished but the bottoms were starting to go brown. They are cookie dough bites though, not cookies, so I guess that is to be expected. Look at all that melted chocolate. Yummy!

I was really pleased with how they turned out. They do have a different consistency but you can't tell it's chickpeas and all that chocolate distracts you from it anyways. You do have to eat them warm though. So once you finish shoving your face full of the ones fresh from the oven, save the other ones for later. All you have to do is pop one three in the microwave for a few seconds and they are as good as new.

And just as an added bonus flaunt, I'm showing off the yummy bread I made for Dan. It's completely full of gluten so no I couldn't eat any of it, but I made it for him to take in his lunches. I nearly cried smelling it bake though and was so tempted to shove it all in my mouth while cutting it up.

But I'm a good little wife and thought that it would be best for Dan to have homemade bread all pre-sliced and ready to go. I made two loaves and froze them both.

I really need to find a good GF bread recipe though. I want me some bread!


  1. mmmm mail some of those cookies (and bread!) to meeeee

  2. Casey - I would if I could but they're all gone. It basically took me 48 hours to devour every last cookie. Sorry!

  3. Those look so good! I never thought about making my own peanut butter, either, but I'm going to have to try it out.

  4. Stasy - I never thought of making my own peanut butter either but I was surpised with how easy it was and how good it tasted. You should totally give it a try. And then let me know how it turned out. :)

  5. I'm totally salavating over those cookie dough bites. I would have to make them when hubby is out of the house. I don't think he would go near them if he knew there were chickpeas in them. Hmmm...maybe that's not a bad thing. ;-)

    And that bread looks awesome! I would have caved and eaten some; suffer the consequences later.

  6. Tasha, they were really good and I definitely think you should try making them. I was actually surprised that Dan even tasted one, knowing they had chickpeas in it.

    Resisting that bread was really really hard.