Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chicken Coop: Part 1

Back in my exercise post last week, I gave you a little sneak peak of what Dan and I have been working on lately. We have been building walls to close in the lean-to at the back of our garage, in order to house our 25 meat birds we have coming mid-April. We needed a bigger space to house them and figured why not use something that we already have, hence the lean-to turning into a chicken coop palace.

Here are a few before pics of what we started with.

Although there was some old plywood slapped up on that outer wall, I just forgot to take a picture before Dan took it down. You can kind of see it in the background of this old picture of Mia from the fall.

Anyways, back to the chicken coop. We took down the old plywood and all the random pieces of wood that were screwed in random places. The people who originally built this thing (not us) didn't really know what they were doing. But once we removed all the crap, we had a decent base to work from.

As you can see in the above picture, we had a nice frame already there to work with. After measuring that wall and making a shopping list, we headed off to Home Depot to purchase some supplies.

Once we had what we needed, we headed back home to get to work. It was a beautiful weekend and we wanted to take full advantage of the warm weather.

First, we needed to finish off the concrete base to build our wall on. There was a gap between the blocks that needed to be filled so that no predators could sneak in and kill our birds. Plus, it's easier to build a wall on a full foundation.

So I got to work digging away some of the dirt in order to fit some plywood around it to make a frame. While I worked on this, Dan mixed the concrete.

Then we framed it in and filled it up!

Once that was done, we cut and measured a few 2x4's before heading inside to eat and warm up.

And that concludes the first day. Stay tuned to find out what we accomplished on day two!


  1. so cool! but who is going to kill the chickens?? I dont think I could ever do that :S

  2. Casey, we send them off to a butcher to get killed. It's pretty cheap and worth it for us to spend the extra money.

  3. Wow, you guys are working hard! I am curious, what was the temperature on this "good weather" day? It still looks SO cold to me!

  4. Erin, the temperature was above 0 Celsius (or 32 F)and I think at the warmest it got up to 11 Celsius (52 F). Not tshirt weather but not "I'm going to die" weather. :P

  5. You two are so handy! I don't think I could build a chicken coop if my life depended on it. Killing chickens, on the other hand, that's something I know how to do. I did grow up on farm, though. I promise I'm not some weird chicken serial killer. ;)

  6. Stasy the serial chicken killer. :P And in reality, Dan's the handy one and I just tag along taking pictures and randomly doing small little odd jobs.