Monday, March 25, 2013

Chicken Coop: Part 2

Are you ready for Part 2/Day 2 of the chicken coop building? Sorry to have made you wait a whole weekend but I figured you could probably handle it. Plus, I didn't want to bore anyone with multiple posts in a row on a chicken coop.

Day 2 was even nicer weather-wise than day 1 and we totally enjoyed soaking up some sun while putting up walls. Don't let these pictures deceive you, it was nicer than it looked out.

First things first, marking on the top and bottom plates where the studs would go. This was my job and I felt quite "handy" with my measuring tape and square.

While I was busy working on the top and bottom plates, Dan was busy measuring how long to cut each stud. Yes, he had to measure each one separately since we weren't working with an even space. It kind of sucked and added more work but oh well, it needed to be done.

Once the studs were cut, we laid everything down on the ground and then Dan nailed them into place using his nail gun. I stood back out of the way with Mia so as to avoid any stray nails (there weren't any by the way).

Once it was all nailed together, we worked as a team to get it up into place. Dan then nailed it there while I took pictures. I'm so helpful, aren't I?

And in case you were wondering what the other helpful girl was up to, she was busy stealing scrap pieces of wood and shredding them into bits at a safe distance away from us. At least I was more useful than her.

Once the first stud wall was in place, we repeated the same process for the next one.

Once we got the second one into place, we were starting to feel more accomplished and impressed with our work so far. Looking good isn't it?

Next step, plywood. We just put full 4x8 sheets of plywood on the bottom portion of the walls and screwed them into place. This was my job while Dan measured and cut the pieces to fill in the gaps.

Can you say Canadian Housewife?

Yes, I am wearing an awesome pink tool belt. Because I'm cool like that.

Like I said, Dan was in charge of using the saws and more dangerous things while I just used the drill. It's safer that way.

We were making progress and man did it feel good!

This step went by quickly, thanks to my expertise at using a drill. Or not. But before we knew it all the plywood was up in place!

At this point, we decided to take a small break for a snack.

But soon after we were back to work, this time cutting chicken wire to fit over the windows. This job sucked because the wire is hard to work with and the edges are sharp, but we worked together and it went by okay.

Then we got to use Dan's pretty new staple gun to staple the wire to the windows!

Once both windows were covered with chicken wire, we framed them in.

And then we were done! Well, done that wall and done for the day. Here are some semi-finished project shots.

Not bad for two days work, eh? Stay tuned for day three coming soon! And when I say soon, I mean sometime next week.


  1. Jenn what kind of chickens are you going to get? Are you making an outside run as well? It was lovely to be working outside this weekend. We still have too much snow to be hulling wheel burrows around but I did get some barn work done and cleaned up the wood pile. Got to love that vitamin D.

  2. onesimplefarmgirl - I think we have ordered white rocks but I'm not 100% sure. The meat birds won't have an outside run but we're hoping to make the front of the coop very open with a lot of chicken wire. Our laying hens have an outside run and we hope to improve it a bit this summer. And yes, the sunshine we've been having lately is delightful.

  3. You look so cute with your power tools and pink tool belt! I love it!

  4. Looks nice Jenn! Can't wait to see the final product!

  5. Erin - Thanks! I love my pink tool belt, definitely worth the money. :)

    LaTi - I can't wait to see the finished product either! I hope it looks as good as we are imagining.

    KristyMCC - Thank you.