Thursday, March 28, 2013

Frozen Food Month

According to my sister Cora, not only is March Nutrition Month, it is also Frozen Food Month! So in honour of that, I will share some pictures of my freezers and talk about some of the foods that I freeze. Sound good?

Let's start with the stand up freezer. We also have a chest freezer (you can read more about that here) but it's currently empty and unplugged while it waits for our 1/4 cow that will hopefully be ready for pick up next week. Our stand up freezer holds most of our fruits and vegetables, along with containers of spaghetti sauce and chicken broth.

Corn (NOT chicken & pork)
During the summer and fall, I get fresh veggies and spend time prepping them to be frozen. Like the corn in the above picture, I spent a day freezing five dozen in perfectly portioned bags. You can read more about how I did that in this post.

90% of the green beans I froze were from our garden but the rest I bought at the farmer's market. I don't usually take a chunk of time to do this, since I have to freeze them as they are ready. So usually every week I would take all the beans I had in my fridge and prep them for freezing.

Green (and yellow) Beans
Last fall, I also froze pumpkin puree since I didn't want to waste my pumpkin I had carved for Halloween. I may have gone a little overboard though, 30 cups of pumpkin is a little much.

Pumpkin Puree
I also made my own pesto last year, using my basil from the garden and purchasing a few other ingredients. I love that I know what's in it and that it's dairy-free.

My freezer is starting to look a little bare but in the fall, it's full of the summer produce. I also like to go strawberry, raspberry and blueberry picking during the summer months and freeze that for the winter months but I didn't get around to that last summer. I plan on it this summer though.

In my fridge freezer, I keep muffins, bread, treats, meals, veggie broth, chicken broth, etc.

Pumpkin Muffins
Bread for Dan's lunches
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies
Lazy Cabbage Rolls
 So there you have it, a small glimpse into my freezers. Although I basically freeze everything. We have eggnog, bananas, pancakes, rhubarb, zucchini, lamb, etc in our freezers too.
What about you? Do you freeze a lot of stuff? How many freezers do you have? Do you freeze fruits and vegetables too?


  1. Hee Hee :) I believe it was I who informed Cora that it was frozen food month...I saw it in the grocery store flyer.

  2. we have a huge garden and freeze a lot for the winter. We also do up a calf and our chickens in the fall. A friend gives us bread weekly. I don't know what I would do without my freezer.

  3. Jackie - Now that you mention it, Cora did say that you told her about it being frozen food month! Sorry I didn't give you the credit in my post.

    onesimplefarmgirl - It sounds like you have a good set up for freezing foods and making the summers bounty stretch through the winter months. I agree that having a freezer is so handy. Some people think it's crazy that I have so many but they all have a purpose.