Friday, March 22, 2013

I Love Lists

I LOVE lists. I know I'm not the only one out there who loves to make up lists for everything and then happily check or cross things off when they're accomplished. I just love how having a list lets me see what my goals are and reminds me to do them.

I actually have a binder full of random lists. Some of them are to-do lists, some are lists of life goals, others are lists of financial goals or things to buy. Today though, I'm going to share with you my list of outdoor things we would like to accomplish over the next few years.

Outdoor To Do List 2013-2014 (and maybe even 2015?)
  • Build split rail fence along property line in front yard
  • Plant hedge along property line in backyard
  • Prune apple trees
  • Revamp flower gardens
  • Rebury white siding in front flower garden
  • Paint gable end
  • Wash front porch
  • Sand & repaint front porch railings
  • Wash siding on East side of house
  • Rebuild stone entryway on East side of house
  • Expand back deck
  • Plant new shade tree
  • Expand garden (in progress)
  • Build chicken coop in lean-to on back of garage (in progress)
  • Rebuild chicken coop for hens
  • Plant blueberries
  • Plant raspberries
  • Level backyard
  • Make gutter herb garden
  • Make rain barrel
  • Buy or make front porch swing
That's it for now. Do you think it's long enough? Some of the bullets could be combined but I like to leave them separate so that I will be able to cross more things off. I know that some of the items for sure won't be happening this summer, since we don't have the time or money to complete them but I'm hoping to get a fair chunk crossed off by the time the cold weather hits in the fall.

So what do you think? Are we nuts? Or just the right level of crazy and ambitious? Do you like to make lists? Do you separate them into categories, like outdoors, upstairs, downstairs, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, cleaning, painting, etc? Do tell!


  1. Hey! You need to check out Wilson't Blueberries - I met them at the Royal a couple years ago. They have some pretty cool stuff going on and are local! Thought of it when I saw your item on blueberries, lol. Look at the edible landscaping section, I so want to plant some!

  2. Vicky, thanks so much for that link! I wasn't sure where I was actually going to buy the blueberry plants and now I know! I also love to support local businesses, so even better. Thanks a billion. :)

  3. This list is too short. you should add installing Casey's balcony flooring to it :)

  4. Casey, how about this, you come do my long to do list and I will come install your balcony flooring. Deal? :P