Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mini Gallery Wall

I've been working on this project for a few weeks now but it wasn't until this past weekend that I actually finished it. And when I say "I", I actually mean "we" since Dan helped significantly. That's the way it always seems to be with my house projects.

I picked up a couple second-hand frames a little over a month ago, with the intention of brightening them up. With just a few coats of paint, I transformed two of them from dull to happy!

And the next frame...

I was pretty pleased with the end results and really liked the new pop of colour I was adding to my wall. I still kept some more mellow frames in my new collection though so as not to overwhelm.

I chose the wall by the stairs and side door since that area was looking kind of dull. I already had the welcome sign there so I just left it and incorporated in my new frames. I also moved my I Love Everything About You picture to this area, since I have other plans for where I had it hanging originally.

Sorry about the not awesome lighting in these pictures. During the day I had the reflection from the windows and in the evening the light fixture kind of made a weird glow over them. But you get the idea of the general display.

As promised, here is what I ended up doing with my poor chewed up Young House Love book. I didn't want to just throw it away and since this signed page actually represents me meeting them and having them sign my original book, I decided to frame it.

I printed off this hilarious Somecard that I found on Pinterest (thanks Jen for originally pinning it) because it really made me laugh and is oh so true right now.

In case you can't read that tiny invisible writing, it says Everyone keeps popping out kids and I'm all like "My dog is awesome." Can anyone else relate?

And lastly, my beautiful I Love Everything About You printable.

So what do you think? Do you like my new gallery wall? Do you like what I did with my ruined book?

I may still add more frames to it as time progresses but for now I like how it looks. And it's a definite improvement over the bare wall before.


  1. very cute!! i love those somecards!

    This is my recent favourite: http://pinterest.com/pin/257268197435799031/

  2. Casey - Somecards are the best. And I love your new favourite one, it's awesome!

  3. you're so talented, Jennie!!! Want me to look for anything specific from this part of the world for your walls .. or somewhere else?? Has to be small enough for suitcases, etc. but I could keep my eyes open. Just let me know

  4. Bunny - Thanks! I honestly don't feel very talented but I am having fun decorating and trying my hand at new things. I'm normally not very brave, but hey, it's my house and I can always change it if I don't like it!

    As for something for my walls from that part of the world, I would love it! I don't know of anything specific as I don't really know what my options are. But I'm sure that anything you pick out would be well loved. :)

  5. The wall turned out awesome! And I think what you did with the book was perfect. It now has even more of a story behind it ;)

  6. Erin - Thank you! I'm happy with how it looks and I love my signed book frame. Glad you like it!

  7. It came out beautiful!! LOVE LOVE the bright yellow and blue frames! You've inspired me to check out the local thrift store with painting old frames in mind!

  8. Kate - I love the colourful frames too! I don't know why I didn't think of painting older ugly frames before but it's definitely something I will continue to do. Good luck thrifting!