Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sister Bonding at the Thrift Store

This past weekend my sister Cora came for a visit. It was a short visit but we got a lot packed into the less than 48 hours we had together. We also may have gone a little camera happy and so consider yourself warned, this post is long and full of pictures.

She arrived Friday night at around 6pm. We ate and then hung out. I'm being so vague here because I honestly can't remember what we did Friday night. Oops!

Saturday morning we rose nice and early (7:00am) and headed into town for some breakfast at Chez Cora's, an awesome little lunch and breakfast place. Dan ordered a fruit crepe (April 89 for those who know the menu there) and Cora ordered poached eggs with mushrooms and brie served over English muffins with a side of fruit (Ben et Dictine). I just got a lonely little fried egg and a cup of fruit, the joys of being gluten-free.

After breakfast, we headed over to Vinnie's (a local thrift store) where we spent the next hour or so shopping. We were lucky enough to happen upon the store on their 50% off clothes, shooes and books weekend. Score!

After Vinnie's we hit up Michael's (a craft store) where we picked up some yarn for Cora's knitting project and then finished our trip into town by stopping at the farmers' market.

Once home, we decided to take pictures of all our purchases. Hooray! Here come the pictures!

Cora with her beautiful new antique wash stand that she scored for $95

Cora posing in some new clothes and shoes

Her fabulous new shoes. Aren't they amazing?

Mia wanted in all the pictures, silly dog.

Cora in her new stripey shirt with her two awesome new pairs of shoes!

Her new dance shirt

Cute new shorts, shirt and sweater

The beautiful tray that I saw first but she claimed before I could.

She is very excited about her new books!

Everyone loves Olivia
So that is the quick overview of Cora's purchases. She did pick up a few more clothes and books not shown but you get the idea. We had a lot of fun modelling and posing for all the pictures.

I didn't buy quite as much as Cora did but I'm still really pleased with what I found.

This adorable grey sweater that is originally from the Garage

My new "jumper shirt" as Cora calls it

How cute is this skirt?

My new mirror that will go into the guestroom once I get around to finishing that room.

My new material to make curtains with. It's really really long, so there is more than meets the eye.

My new kids books

Adorable little baby boy clothes. I am determined that I will have kids one day and these were just too cute to pass up.
So there you have it, our awesome thrift store purchases. Here's a cost breakdown of what I bought. I didn't pay attention to the cost of all of Cora's items, sorry.

  • Yellow Materail = $3.00
  • Mirror = $8.00
  • Books = $2.00 (4 for $1 and then 50% off)
  • Kids clothes = $2.00 ($2.00 each and then 50% off but they forgot to ring in one of them)
  • Jumper shirt = $3.00 ($6.00 then 50% off)
  • Grey Sweater = $2.50 ($5.00 then 50% off)
  • Skirt = $3.50 ($7.00 then 50% off)
  • Total = $24

I'm going to end off there for today and come back tomorrow to share more pictures of our fun weekend together. Be sure to check back in!


  1. Wow, you got lots of good deals! And thank you for finally posting a picture of yourself since your weight gain post. I just wanted to say that you are looking so much healthier! Your face is filling out a little more and you just look so pretty and happy too.

  2. Erin, thank you. Thank you so much. You don't know how great it feels to hear that I am looking healthier and happier. It really means a lot that you can notice a difference.