Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Week

Yesterday was my 24th birthday and today I'm going to be a bit self-focused and tell you all about it. Well, at least part one.

Let's start with Monday, April 1st. Dan had gone shopping right before Easter and was so excited about all the gifts he bought me, he didn't feel like waiting another whole week. So I suggested he give me a present each morning leading up to my birthday, which we could call "Birthday Week".

I'm a huge fan of birthday week and waking up each morning to a present for a full seven days is completely delightful. I hinted that we should make this a yearly tradition, we'll see if it takes.

Monday I received a mini cast iron frying pan, something that I have been hinting at for ages. My parents have one and I absolutely love it.

Then on Thursday, I got a bigger cast iron pan. Got to cover all the bases right?

Tuesday and Wednesday I got salt and pepper grinders. I've been wanting a good pepper grinder for at least a year but was always too cheap to purchase one, so I told Dan that was what I wanted for my birthday. He did good.

Friday I got an iPhone case that goes on my arm so I can listen to music and my Couch to 5K app while running, without having it in my pocket or in my hand. I've already tried it out and it works great.

Saturday I got a mini muffin tin and a 6-muffin tin. Once again, I've been eyeing these for a while but couldn't justify spending money on them since I didn't really "need" them.

And last but not least, present #7. This one I got on my actual birthday and I'm totally in love with it.

In case you can't really see what it is, it's a cast iron casserole dish. It's beautiful and I can't wait to cook up some wonderful dish in it. I'm going to have to start looking for recipes on Pinterest again. What a sacrifice that will be.

And in case you're wondering about the awesome bed I'm in, not that's not our bed, we were at a hotel. Which I will tell you more about later this week since I don't want to make this the never-ending birthday post.

But before I leave off, I'm going to continue on with a tradition I started in last year's birthday post and name some good things that happened this past year and what I'm looking forward to next year.

First things first though, let's look back at last year's list as to what I was looking forward to and see how I did.

Things to look forward to (2012):
- Succeeding in our new business venture. So far so good! Business is going well and I would say that our first year was very successful.

- Working on decorating the guest room and guest bathroom. I got the guest bathroom decorated but still haven't touched the guest room.

- Camping this summer. We didn't do as much as I had hoped but we did have one fun backyard camping trip which you can read more about here.

- Having more friends over. Success! We can still improve in this area but overall, we've been doing well with inviting more people over and sharing our home with them.

- Hopefully getting better. On my way!

- Planting a garden. Done successfully and plan to do it again!

- Maybe getting pregnant? Ya, that one didn't happen.

Now for this year.

Good things that happened when I was 23:
- I finally got to a doctor who could help me
- I gained some weight
- I got some answers to my health issues
- I really started to focus more on my blog
- My first vegetable garden was successful
- I've expanded my knitting skills
- I have learned to be more joyful
- I got to complete lots of fun DIY projects
- We finally ordered our 1/4 cow from a local farmer
- And many more things I can't take the time to list!

Things to look forward to:
- Raising and selling meat birds
- Planting a hedge
- Quitting my job
- Learning to adjust to my new diet restrictions
- Becoming braver in the kitchen
- Continuing to feel better
- Boat rides up the river
- Friends coming to visit
- Decorating the guest room
- And much much more!

I am definitely more hopeful this year than I was this time last year. Life is good and I am happy.


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    What great presents! I have a casserole dish like that and I loooove it. you can make anything in that sucker!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! My husband and I have a couple cast iron pans and a griddle that we use often. We love them!

  3. Casey - Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm so excited about the casserole dish. I can't wait to try out some new recipes in it. Do you have any suggestions?

    Christina - Thanks for the birthday greetings. :) I grew up using cast iron pans but when I moved away, I transitioned to non-stick. I can't wait to get back to the awesomeness of the cast iron. I'm sure my collection will expand with time but I think I've got a decent start.

  4. Happy (belated) birthday Jenn!! I'm loving the hat :)

  5. Thanks Kate! And I'm loving the hat too. :)