Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Love Myself

Yes, you did read that title right. I love myself. I think that too often, we as women, find faults with ourselves and with each other and beat ourselves up over every little thing. We can usually name off at least 10 things we hate about our body or personality or whatever, but it takes us longer and a lot more thought to think of 10 things we love about ourselves.

I was feeling very unmotivated today and had no idea what to write about. We have a ton of projects on the go or on the to do list but very few are finished or have pictures of them. So when I came across a post on a blog I follow, I thought it was the perfect idea.

Stasy from Dancing My Way Through Life, Loss, and Books wrote a post this morning on things she loves about herself. She stole the idea from a friend of hers and now I am stealing the idea from her!

Although I won't be listing 50 things I like about myself, like Stasy and her friend are doing. I feel like that is too high of a number and it would be hard for me to come up with so many, as well as be a little boring for my readers. So I'm going to limit it to 15. Sound good?

1) I have fabulous lips. They are full and red and always look good. Ever since I was a little girl, people have complimented me on my lips and asked if I was wearing lipstick. I never wear lipstick because I don't need to and I love it.

2) I am tall. Sometimes I wish I were a couple inches shorter so that I would look better in heels or not tower over some of my friends, but I usually like my height. I can reach things on high shelves and I don't look like a little kid. Plus, I like being taller than all my sisters.

3) I am honest. I grew up being taught that honesty was important, lying was bad and to always tell the truth. I am world's worst liar so I just stick with being honest.

4) I am a loyal friend. I don't have many friends but I am loyal to the ones I do have.

5) I am cheerful. Of course I have my moments of doom and gloom but overall I have a cheerful attitude and outlook on life.

6) I have an awesome stomach. I've always had a flat stomach and more recently, I've developed awesome abs. :P

7) My hair colour. I love my hair colour and will probably never dye it. It has some subtle red highlights in there that come out in the sunshine.

8) My eyelashes. They are gorgeous and long and look fabulous with a light coat of mascara. Just sayin'.

9) My love of numbers. This quality has helped in both my personal and professional life. Since I love numbers so much, I'm (usually) pretty good at budgeting for Dan and I. And now that I'm doing the books for Dan's business, it's really useful!

10) My teeth. I never had to have braces because my teeth have always been nice and straight.

11) My feet. I like my feet and I think they look nice. Well as nice as feet can look. Plus, they're a decent size.

12) My amazing memory. I can remember a lot of things and this has come in handy many times. I remember birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, conversations, etc. I'm like a portable calendar.

13) My new found motivation. I'm so proud of myself with my persistence in completing the fab ab challenge and now starting to run. This is a new quality in myself but I like it!

14) I type fast. I always have, ever since I learned how to type on a typewriter using old textbooks from my grandmother. I learned the proper way and I learned it well.

15) My housewife skills. Yes, I've got some mad wife skills. Isn't this blog proof enough?

Phew! That was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I challenge you to take a moment and come up with 15 things you like about yourself. It's not as easy as it sounds.

That wraps up my post for the day. I'll try to be back tomorrow with more house/life posts. Until then, I'll return to singing a song my Nanny used to sing... "I love myself, I think I'm grand, I go to the movies and I hold my hand...."


  1. thats a great idea and I agree with your items! They seem true to me!

    Ive always liked my eyes- they are an unusual shade of dark green. and I like my boobs :D
    oh and my legs! and teeth! I have pretty high self confidence. hahaha

    I do have giant feet though. I wish they were smaller but at least they arent weird looking.

  2. Oh Casey, you make me chuckle. I like your list that you came up with and I think it's awesome you have such high self confidence!

  3. I like your list, Jennie ... but most importantly, that you could come up with the list ... and did so. Unfortunately, too many women can't ... and this saddens me. We are fearfully and wonderfully created ... for His purpose .... and we are His gift to the world ... and balance out with men so well. What a team .. when working together properly, that is....

  4. Thank you Bunny. I had fun coming up with the list but it took me forever! I obviously need to work on my self love.

  5. Great idea Jenn!! And you do have amazing eyelashes. :)

  6. LaTi - I knew you would agree with that one. :P