Monday, April 15, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

You know you live in Canada when...

... you have a random ice storm in the middle of April!

Last Friday, April 12th, we woke up to ice covering everything.

Trees were bent down low to the ground, branches were broken everywhere and the power kept flickering on and off.

I was amazed with how much ice was covering everything. There was nothing when we went to bed on Thursday and then we woke up Friday to this!

It was actually kind of pretty and walking around on the frozen grass felt cool. I enjoyed running around taking pictures of it all, despite the fact that this shouldn't be happening this time of year.

We actually fully lost our power shortly before 8:00am Friday morning but I wasn't worried since it would probably be back on by the time I returned from work. It was just a small April ice storm, right? Although maybe the fact that Dan had to go out with a chainsaw and clear branches off our road three times before 9:00am may have been a hint of how severe the damage to hydro lines may have been.

Once at work, I quickly worked through my to-do list in the hopes that I would get it all completed before we lost power at work. We lost power at our office at 11:20am and then my boss sent us all home by noon. No point in sitting in a dark office on a Friday afternoon not being able to anything.

I called Dan and he asked me to pick up some sausages for supper since our power was still out. Once I arrived home, we heated up our lunch on our wood stove using my new cast iron frying pans I got for my birthday.

It was kind of fun and exciting, using our wood stove and sitting in the natural light streaming in through the window. After lunch, we stayed cozy by the fire for a bit with me knitting and Dan playing his guitar.

After relaxing in this way for a while, we decided we should be somewhat productive so we headed upstairs to work on a quick house project I had planned. I will be doing a separate post on it later this week but here is a sneak peek.

For supper, we had sausages and eggs cooked once again on our wood stove. Good thing we could still eat and stay warm with no power. We even had nice little set up by the fire, with everything we needed to cook and flavour our meals.

After supper, we headed into town (since they had their power back already) and went to the Garden Show and Canadian Tire.

Our first day was fun and enjoyable and we went to bed with high hopes that we would wake up to power.

No such luck. Day 2 and still no power. We moved most of our fridge items that would go bad out into our sunroom since it was cold enough outside. We had our very own walk-in fridge.

In the morning, we worked on our hen house and I got some painting done. You can actually see some more sneak peeks through the window in the above picture.

We made good progress before the rains came.

One thing we did discover though, wet paint and a curious dog don't mix well. She sat in some paint and then sniffed a wet wall. Silly dog.

It was at this point that I stopped taking pictures of our weekend. I just go too grumpy with it all and didn't want to document it any longer. The rest of the weekend was spent in the dark, with limited access to food and no running water. Oh the joys of living in the country and having a well.

Sunday morning (day 3 with no power) we went to a friends house and showered there. Then we borrowed a generator from another friend so that we could at least plug in our big freezers and not lose any of the meat and veggies that I have frozen. Especially the meat, my precious 1/4 cow I dreamed about for so long.

Luckily, the big freezers are just fine. I can't say as much for the fridge and freezer upstairs. Fortunately, I haven't had to throw out that much.

Our power finally came back on last night at 6:00pm after being out for 60 hours. I did some happy dances and then ran around like a mad woman trying to get things cleaned up. I cleaned out the fridge and freezer, did two loads of laundry, ran two loads of dishes in the dishwasher, washed one load of dishes by hand, cleaned the bathroom and did a general tidy up.

We finally crashed into bed at 10:00pm and slept soundly until 1:00am. It was at this point that we were awakened by the sound of our smoke alarm beeping, telling us we had no power. Again. I very nearly cried. They are now estimating we'll have it back by 11:00pm tonight.

So there you have it, our exciting weekend of living in the dark. I'm in a miserable grumpy mood this morning and I just want my hydro back.


  1. oh no! I didnt lose power but i heard a lot of rural communities did. I hope it comes back soon!!

  2. Casey - I'm glad you didn't lose power! It sucks not having any. Supposedly it should be back soon but I'm not holding my breath.

  3. I'm so glad our power DIDN"T go off up here in the hills of the Ottawa Valley.
    I was just reading my friends blog. She is a dairy farmer just outside of Peterborough. They had no power for 74 hours, lots of trees down on their lane. My brother lost power in the city of Peterborough for about 8 hours.
    We dodged the bullet this time!

  4. Oh wow, no power is not fun but glad that your freezer and your 1/4 cow are ok :)
    ~Mrs. Lopez of

  5. Karen - I'm jealous! I wish our power didn't go off where we are. And yes, the damage around the city and county was pretty intense, we hydro poles snapped like toothpicks. Glad you guys were safe and sound during this storm!

    Mrs. Lopez - I agree, no power sucks but it could have beeb a lot worse. At least we didn't lose our meat!

  6. I'm not sure what an ice storm is! Your pictures are amazing though. How horrible to be without power for so long!

  7. Anne - Thanks for the compliment on the pictures! I had fun taking them. And yes, it sure does suck to be without power for so long.

  8. Us Minnesotans weren't too far behind you guys with the winter storm - yesterday we got almost a foot D:< My hubbs keeps saying, how this winter is never going to end :P

    Luckily our power didn't cut off ~ just glad you are back in the comforts or our times, and not having to keep living "Little House" style lol.

  9. Mama Petersock - I'm totally with your hubby on wondering when winter will end and spring will come. I'm ready for it! I'm sorry you were hit with snow but glad you got to keep your power.