Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My (Non) Slouchy Beret

Remember way back when I mentioned that I was going to knit myself a hat? Well I finally did it! I made my very first hat. Actually, this was my very first project that wasn't square/rectangular and actually had some shape to it. Go me!

For some reason, the colour is way off in these pictures. It's a really gorgeous rich green but no matter what I did, I couldn't get the camera to capture it. But these shots really show the pattern well so I thought I would share them.

I learned how to cable with this hat. I had never tried before because it seemed so complicated but I'm happy that I finally bit the bullet and tried it. It's not as hard as I thought! Obviously it also depends on the pattern but overall, cabling is pretty simple.

This picture is the closest to the real hat colour I could get.
Now this hat was actually supposed to be a slouchy beret. I found the pattern on and loved the look of it. It's called Star Crossed Slouchy Beret and this is how it's supposed to look.

Photo by tiffanythomas
And this is how mine turned out.

Not exactly slouchy eh? Oops!

But I'm still totally in love with it.

And the colour, the colour is so awesome in real life. These pictures really don't do it justice. So instead of appreciating the colour, just appreciate the knitting. I've got skills.

Speaking of wicked awesome knitting skills, I'm going to share with you my new mittens that my friend Tasha over on Artistmouse's Blog made for me. SHE'S got skills.

The pattern is called Fiddlehead Mittens and they are incredible. Not only are the colours awesome and the pattern awesome, they are double-lined! So they keep my hands cozy warm in all this crappy spring winter weather we're getting.

Maybe one day I will be as good at knitting as Tasha is. For now though, I'm happy with my hat.


  1. I love the hat! I have no idea how to knit a hat though... :\

  2. The hat is beautiful! I love the color. And those mittens are gorgeous too!

  3. Casey - I was scared to try a hat but it was actually quite simple. You could totally do it. :)

    Erin - Thanks! I loved the colour and was so excited to make something with the yarn. And I'm totally in love with my mittens.

  4. Great job on the hat Jenn! It looks great on you.

  5. great job, Jennie!!!! Your grandmother would have been proud. I remember when she was learning to knit ... but think I've said this to you before. Enjoy the craft. Wish I could do it here ... but very little yarn ... and too hot so my hands sweat which I deal with by powdering them. Not something you generally have to worry about, eh?
    Great tension .. so even!!!

  6. Thanks Bunny! I'm pretty proud of how far I've come since you taught me how to knit and I made that first flop of a pink scarf. :P

    Sorry you can't knit much there but I'm not surprised considering the heat and humidity you deal with. You'll just have to live vicariously through me!