Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Over the Hedge

I'm not sure how many of you memorized my 13 Goals for 2013 (what do you mean no one did???) but on that list I mentioned that we wanted to plant a hedge.

The reason for the urgent desire to plant a hedge is because of our neighbours. They aren't our favourite people ever and we needed to have something dividing our backyards, they were just too close and connected.

For your viewing pleasure, I have used my artist skills and drawn up a sketch of our lots.

Do you like it? I know, I really shouldn't be quitting my day job. Anyways, as you can see from the sketch, we are very fortunate in the location of our lot. All the brown on the empty lot represents trees/bushes/overgrowth and gives us lots of privacy in that direction. The brown behind the house is acres and acres of woods and the green represents our new hedge!

Before the hedge, our backyard and our neighbour's backyard kind of just melded into one. Since we live in the middle of nowhere, we couldn't just put up a fence as that would look out of place and awkward. So we voted on a hedge.

One Saturday in the beginning of April, we innocently went grocery shopping and just stumbled upon a cedar tree sale. $16 each and it was a no tax day! We immediately jumped on it and purchased our 40 trees. We didn't actually take them home that day since we were headed to Toronto for my birthday weekend, but we promised to return on Monday to get them all.

Monday morning I headed off to work while Dan and Kendall (remember our electrician friend from this post?) picked up the trees and set them up along the property line.

They then stayed like that for almost two weeks while we scrambled to get the chicken coop and hen house built. But we eventually got sick of them blowing over and we decided they really needed to be planted before they died on us. So last Thursday night we got to work.

First, we measured out where they would go by using a measuring line, marker paint and a chunk of wood.

Once we had the line marked out, we were ready to plant! See how ready I was?

Digging holes is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. Or maybe that's because I'm weak and not used to it. Either way, I did my part.

I planted three trees in the time it took Dan to plant nine. I blame my slowness on the fact that I'm so light, I couldn't get my shovel deep enough into the ground. But I was proud of my three trees I planted all by myself.

I was actually pretty impressed with our progress that first night, 12 trees down, 28 more to go.

Oh, and I can't forget to throw a picture of Dan in here, since he technically did 98% of the work for this hedge.

On Friday I headed off to work again and when I arrived home, the rest of the trees had been planted. All but one that is. Dan had saved me one last tree and even made a nice little sign for it.

I forgot to take a picture of the sign propped up against the unplanted tree since I got distracted by my brother and his wife and daughter arriving, but I did remember to snap a picture the next day with the tree all safe and sound in the ground. Planted by me, of course.

I'm so excited to have the hedge planted and be able to cross such a big project off our to do list.

It looks kind of sad and thin right now but it will grow and fill in soon enough.

What do you think? Do you like our new hedge? Have you ever planted a hedge before? How do you separate your yard from your neighbours yard?

Oh, and the hedge only goes up to the corner of the house in the front. We have plans for the rest of the property line and we will hopefully get to that project within the next month, so stay tuned!


  1. The hedge looks great!!! I can see why you would want some privacy, it does look like the houses are kind of close together for being out in the country. I hope that they all grow in nice and full.

  2. Erin - Thanks! It was pretty disappointing when those neighbours moved in. When we bought the house, the house next door was just used as a cottage once or twice a summer and we were thrilled with that. But after we moved in, they put it up for sale and then full time residents moved in. :(

  3. Lovely! Have the neighbours mentioned anything about it? How big do these trees grow?

  4. Casey - We talked to the neighbours before we planted them and we agreed that we should plant them 1 ft in on our side of the property line. The wife wasn't too pleased but then again, she's not too pleased with much. But we did our due diligence in discussing it with them first.

    As for how big, they can grow from 10-20' tall and I'm not sure how wide. But we will be trimming them and probably keeping them between 8-9' tall.

  5. It looks great! Just make sure you keep them well trimmed and neat or they can get way out of hand and scraggly.

    When we moved in to our house there was an overgrown scraggly cedar hedge along the front of the house, and another along one side of the house. The other side had cedar trees.

    They were in such poor shape we ended up taking them all out, and it is so much better. We ended up putting in a chain link fence to fence the backyard in, and it is black so blends in. For the rest we put in gardens with tall grasses and some bushes.

  6. Megan - Thanks for the tip! We plan on keeping it well trimmed and looking nice and neat. I don't blame you for taking out the overgrown scraggly hedge, it must have looked horrid.

    A chain link fence, gardens, bushes and tall grasses sound like other good options for dividing lots. It must look nice. :)

  7. It looks great! Can't wait to see it when its all grown in!!

  8. Love the hedge - it looks great! It will definitely fill in more over the next couple of years and I think it's a very pretty way of separating the properties and adding a bit of privacy.

    Definitely keep them trimmed like Megan said, we had to pull out 2 hedges at B's dad's place because they were a mess and had grown together into one big, tangled, pile of tree.

    Is it weird that the first thing I thought of when you mentioned ^^ that you were going to keep them trimmed was some animal-type topiaries? Probably...

  9. Kate - I will for sure be taking updated pics of our yard as time progresses.

    Marlee - I definitely don't want a crazy big tangled pile of tree to form from my beautiful hedges. What kind of animal-type topiaries were you thinking? :P

  10. Oh you know, maybe a pretty unicorn or something of the like. :)

  11. Marlee - A unicorn would be awesome! :P