Friday, April 19, 2013

Simple Pleasures - April

I'm a little late getting my Simple Pleasures for April posted but better late than never right? And I only have 6 days worth, the power outage sapped my pleasure for a bit.

Sunday: The awesome jump sign in Toronto
Monday: The amazing card a friend sent me

Tuesday: My yoga mat which represents the pleasure I got out of my hot yoga class

Wednesday: My new spider plant that is sharing the vase with the bamboo until the roots grow

Thursday: My happy colourful stir fry

Friday: All the knitting needles my mother-in-law gave to me
Another month is almost over, time flies by.


  1. Speaking of spider plants! I have one and it's getting super long! Being a very-new possessor of a green thumb, I have no idea what to do with it! help! lol

  2. Kate, I wish I could give you spider plant advice but I just got it so I have no idea what to do. Maybe trim it back? Or just Google it. :P

    1. Lol its lasted a good few months so far, I've surprised myself keeping it alive this long!

  3. I love your jump picture, great shot!
    ~Mrs. Lopez of

  4. did you realize that spider plants are air purifiers ... help to remove toxins from the air?? This is why it is good to have as many of them as you can. Spiders very easy to grow ... simply keep watered ... give enough light but not too much .... and they will grow and produce ... and then you can snip off 'babies' and grow new plants .... or put a pot of soil close to the main plant where you can place a baby on it while still being attached to the mother ... and soon enough, it will have rooted. At that time you can snip it off .... voila, another pot.
    Oh so often we take life for granted .... focusing on only the big things ... but miss out so many. When I go to Gardens on the Bay in Singapore, I love to 'play' with my camera by taking in macro mode ... and it's amazing to see what the lens captures ... the simple but absolutely gorgeous things. Don't we do this in life by not looking at the seemingly insignificant things which are really special.
    Jennie, your blog helps each person to focus ... to stop and think .... to grow in appreciation of so much of life. Bless you. I thank you

  5. I love reading about your simple pleasures. It's good to take time to enjoy the little things that can make you feel so rich and happy. Where did you find the JUMP sign in Toronto? I'd like to see it too sometime.

  6. Bunny - Thanks for all those tips on spider plants. I had no idea they were so amazing and adaptable! And thank you for your kind words about how inspiring my blog is. It inspires me to keep doing it. :)

    Ellie - Thank you. Some months I find it hard to remember to slow down enough to even do the Simple Pleasures post but I'm so glad I find the time. It's so important to enjoy the little things. As for the Jump Sign, I can't tell you exactly where it was. I want to say near King and Wellington downtown? But honestly, I could be out to lunch. It was the name of a restaurant so maybe if you Google it.

    Kate - Good job on keeping it alive for a few months! And if you didn't see it already, the post above from Carolyn is full of info about spider plants.