Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

It sure did take it's sweet time getting here, but I think it's safe to say that Spring has arrivied! I am beyond excited since Spring is my all time favourite season. I just love how after a long dreary cold dead winter, everything comes alive again.

Sweet life! Oh how I love you.

There's just something so beautiful in how everything just comes forth, all within such a short time frame.

Everything is beautiful.

Even wet dogs who like the hose a little too much.

We let the hens out for a bit on Saturday, to enjoy the sunshine and the grass.

Mia did a good job supervising them while resisting the urge to chase them.

We're going to start letting them out more often, I want happy free range hens.

We even planted a tiny little mini-tree for Earth Day. When I ordered office supplies for work, they gave us this little tree to plant.

Ignore the fact that we were almost a week late doing so. At least it got planted.

It's basically the cutest tree you ever did see.

The only downside to Spring arriving is the huge amount of water. Many cities and towns north of us are flooded and the river going by our house is really high. Our little road going through the swamp is almost flooded out, but not quite.

It's hard to tell in this picture but there are two huge puddles on either side that are just touching in the middle. So far, we can still drive through it with ease.

Overall though, I still love Spring. What's your favourite season and why?


  1. Im a summer girl. I love spring for the same reasons as you, but I looove a nice hot day on a patio with a beer! spring can be a little cool for my taste. I need 25 degrees! and a beach!

  2. Casey - Summer is good too. I just find that it gets a little too hot for me in the summer. I get grumpy when I'm overheated. :P

    But a beach, now that sounds nice right about now!

  3. we don't have seasons here except for hot and hotter .. or wet and then monsoon season. I went into Gardens on the Bay in Singapore http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en/home.html last week and really enjoyed bending down to smell the hyacinths ... enjoying the various tulips, daffodils ... and other spring flowers like you'll have. They've now got 1000's of tulips outside so I'll have to go back in shortly. Good thing I have a seasons pass so I can pop in and out .... do a quick tour to see the updated displays ... play with my camera ... and then return home. It's an amazing place!!! Check out the link

  4. I chuckle ... your mother said the other night that she'd had some 24 degree days recently and how it was much too hot for her. Why did I chuckle? That is our night time temp .... and much too chilly for me. Guess I live in the right place, eh? I love the heat!!! Which is why I freeze when I go back to Canada ... and am concerned how I'll manage when I go back in Sept. this year. Brrrrrrrrrr

  5. Bunny - Wow, the tulipmania looks awesome! You definitely will have to go back and take a ton of pictures. There's something so beautiful about flowers.

    And I'm not surprised mom thought 24 was too hot, so like her. Although I'm definitely my mothers daughter because that is borderline for me too. I think I live in the right country, same as you. And you will definitely freeze come September. You'll be wearing a snowsuit to keep warm. :P

  6. Spring is definitely my favorite. Just love everything coming back to life. So exciting! And I love the feeling of the warm spring sun and love starting to dig in the garden.

  7. Ellie - I'm glad that you are a fellow Spring lover. I am delighting in all the sunshine lately and I cannot wait to get my garden planted.