Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Chicks Are Growing!

Are you excited for a chick update? Sorry that I couldn't post this last Friday, my computer was having issues. But after seeing these pics, I'm sure you will think it was worth the wait.

As a reminder, we got 26 adorable little fluffy yellow chicks almost 3 weeks ago now. Remember how cute they were?

They were so tiny and innocent looking.

Unfortunately, we lost 6 of our 26 chicks. We don't know why and it was so sad. Each time we went out to check on them we had to brace ourselves to find another dead chick. I felt so bad and guilty, like we must be doing something wrong. But we weren't. I guess we just got a bad batch.

Here they are at a week old, with their little white feathers coming in and starting to lose some of their baby fuzz.

Aren't they cute, with their little white wing tips? It's amazing how fast they change.

And here they were last Thursday, at 2 weeks old.


They are so funny to watch at this stage. They puff up and use their little wings to propel them around the coop at high speeds. They play and hop and fight and it's so adorable. You can watch them forever without getting bored.

Pretty soon they'll be into the ugly stage and we won't find them even remotely cute. And then they'll get fat and we'll be excited to eat them. But these first few weeks sure are fun.
Oh, and we are holding steady at 20 birds. It's been over a week since our last loss so we hope that we can keep the rest until July when they head off to the butchers. 


  1. They are definitely the cutest when they are chicks! It's funny to hear about their antics, I'm glad they can provide you some entertainment :)

  2. Erin - I agree, chickens just aren't as cute as little fuzzy chicks. :)