Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday!

Well I was going to do a post about our baby chicks and show you some updated pictures of them but my computer isn't cooperating and won't upload any pictures. Sorry!

Instead, I'm going to give you a peek into my thoughts today. Exciting, right?

1. My shin splints are still bugging me which means I haven't gone for a run since last Thursday. And no, not last night. Hopefully when I do get back to running (the plan is Monday) I won't be too out of shape and behind. I have a 5K run on June 1st!

2. Since completing the Fab Ab Challenge almost a month ago now, I have not done one single sit up. Or push up. Or plank. Bad me. My fab abs aren't so fab anymore. I really have to get back to doing something.

3. Our chicken coop and hen house are now almost 100% complete. We're so close to getting those crossed off our list!

4. I have today off from work. It is awesome. I'm sitting here in my housecoat without a care in the world.

5. The last part of the above statement was a lie. I am home from work today but I do have cares. I need to catch up on the bookwork for Dan's business.

6. It is absolutely gorgeous out today. Oh how I love Spring!

7. Our local farmer's market moves outdoors tomorrow and I cannot wait. I might have to show up bright and early so that I can get all the awesome deals.

8. I'm pretty sure it's time for a new pottery bowl. One that I can eat my cereal out of. Wouldn't you agree?

9. I think we're going to have burgers this weekend in celebration of this fine weather.

10. We have no current indoor projects on the go. It's too nice out to do anything productive indoors.

11. We currently have way too many outdoor projects on the go.

12. I love hearing that people are reading and enjoying my blog. It lifts my spirits and gives me such joy. And it inspires me to keep writing and blessing others through this blog.

Well that's it for today folks. Come back next week to see posts on chicks, hen houses, meatballs and much much more!


  1. Heidi - Maybe you know it as a bathrobe?

  2. I live in my housecoat when Im home! I get cold without it, even in the dead of summer. Its so nice out! enjoy your weekend and let those poor legs heal. do some research perhaps into prevention/treatment for shin splints too

  3. Casey - My housecoat is part of my morning routine. It's just so warm and fuzzy.

    And yes, it's gorgeous out there! I am getting orthotics and plan on doing lots of stretching before and after my runs. Hopefully that will help.

  4. Your Friday didn't give me any sense of TGIF .... but simply a celebration of Friday .... another day that the Lord has given you to enjoy. I remember Farmer's markets ... and how much fun they were. Here we have 'pasar malam' which is a night market .... similar and yet very different ... but fun ... and lots of opportunities for different foods ... fresh as well as to snack on as we walk along. What did the burgers taste like?? Oh how I miss a good old-fashioned real beef bbq burger ... with all the fixings .... corn relish and dill pickles included. Many of the condiments not available here ... not even regular green relish. I've already started my 'food list to enjoy' for when I return in 2013. New pottery? Too bad Mike wasn't still throwing, eh? He made beautiful items during those days.
    Anyway, enjoy your weekend ... your days leading up to summer. Enjoy every second ... before the bugs / blackflies invade ... because then it won't be quite so pleasant, eh?

  5. Bunny - I love it when you comment on my posts. :) And the burgers were really good! So glad that I could still enjoy and yummy gluten-free dairy-free burger. I picked up some GF buns from the farmer's market and we made our own burgers with our new happy meat. Very tasty! Although we didn't have any dill pickles. I need to make some this summer.

    I hope you enjoy your "food list to enjoy" this summer. Is poutine on it? :P

    And yes, I would love it if Mike were still making pottery. But I've found a nice guy at the farmer's market, although he didn't have any cereal bowls this past weekend. I'll have to keep checking back.

    And the mosquitos are already out here. It's barely May and I've already had my first few bites of the season. :(