Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kitchen Chalkboard

I finally got around to finishing and photographing a project that has been in the books for a while. And when I say a while, I mean I've been planning on doing it since November but just finally got around to it last week. Oops. We all know that procrastination and drawn out projects are my thing.

Back when we first moved into our house, our back door entryway wasn't the prettiest thing out there. At all. See how ugly it was? We just threw some stuff into place and let it be. For a year and a half.

But then back in November, we finally got around to spiffing it up a little bit and I left you all with this fabulous picture? Looking better no?

And then back in the beginning of March I told you I had replaced the calendar with this beautiful printable I had coloured and framed.

But then remember how I blogged about my new gallery wall and that printable appeared there? It's because I had plans for that entryway. Plans that took five months to put into action.

Oh well. Moving on.

We decided we wanted to put a chalkboard on the wall in place of a calendar since our 2013 calendar goes on the fridge. I wanted it to be pretty and I wanted it to have some flare, so when I came across this gorgeous wooden frame at Michael's, I snagged it up quick. With a 50% off coupon of course.

But then I put it on the nail that was left from the calendar and it stayed that way for a couple weeks. We're such slackers. Or more like we were crazy busy building chicken coops and planting hedges.

We finally got around to working on it last week and then I finally got around to photographing the finished product last night. But I'm sure you'll think it was worth the wait.

First, we taped off the area of the wall we wanted to paint with chalkboard paint and made sure it was nice and level.

Then we put on our first coat of paint.

It did not look good.

But after about 5 more coats of paint, it started looking a little more like a chalkboard.

Dan did all of the work up until this point. Kind of like most projects I plan, he does 90% of the execution. I've got me a good man.

While the paint was drying inside, we did some painting outside. We took the nice wooden frame and brought it out into the sunshine.

And then gave it a nice coat of yellow!

Well, a couple coats actually. And I even helped with this stage of the process. I did at least two coats all by myself.

Once that was dry, we brought it in and assembled the whole thing. We just used a nail gun and put four tiny little nails into the corners to attach it to the wall.

Then came the fun part, hauling out my chalk and getting to play with it!

I'm totally in love with how it turned out. The colour of the frame pulls out the colour in my yellow blocks of our key hooks.

It really pulls together the whole area and adds a fun splash of colour. You know, since the red wall was too mellow and all.

I'm so excited to finally be done this project and am now able to enjoy it. Who doesn't like playing with fun colourful chalk?

The entryway is now almost complete. We still need to find the perfect mat/boot tray for the winter months but now that we're heading into summer, we've bought ourselves some time.

So what do you think? Do you love it? Better right?

It feels so good to be done this project and cross it off the list. But don't worry, I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy for the next little while!


  1. That frame is amazing! I wish their was a Michael's near me (but maybe its a good thing there isnt).

    mmm now I want pizza

  2. Casey - Thanks! When I saw the frame at Michael's, I knew it was perfect for what I wanted. They had so many options though, it was hard to choose. And I agree, it may be a blessing in disguise that you don't have a Michael's near you.

  3. Adorable!!! I love how the entry way looks so chic and accessorized now. The before picture is what my house tends to look like...pathetic! Can you come fix mine up? Pretty please?

  4. Erin - Thanks! I'm really pleased with how it has improved over the past couple of months. And don't worry about your house looking pathetic (which I don't think it does by the way), it takes time to turn a house into a home. And I would love to come help you fix yours up!

  5. It looks great! the pops of colors are awesome! (and I'm with Erin - we tend towards the "before" pics... lol)

  6. Kate - Thank you! I'm really happy I went with the yellow. It's also a bonus that we had the paint on hand, so free!