Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Simple Pleasures - May

Here are the things that have made me smile this past week!

Tuesday: The card from our neighbours thanking us for collecting their mail and keeping an eye on their cottage all winter.

Wednesday: The AMAZING gluten-free chocolate chip cookies I made myself. Thank you Betty Crocker for the mix. And thank you Amy for giving sharing a most treasured box with me.

Thursday: The lilac bush that is blooming right outside our bedroom window.

Friday: My newest additions to my kids books collection.

Saturday: The fun variety of pepper plants we bought from the farmer's market.

Sunday: First fishing of the season.

Monday: Open windows. Oh how I love spring.
 There you have it, May's simple pleasures. Life is good.


  1. did you catch any fish? I never do so I just stopped renewing my license. haha

  2. Casey - No, no fish for me. Or any of in the boat actually. I do catch the odd one though and it is fun. Since we live so close to the water, it's worth it to have the fishing license.

  3. Betty Crocker makes a lovely gluten free white cake mix too. My friend baked me a birthday cake with it. She put blueberries in with the cake mix. It was absolutely amazing!
    We went out for a fish on Sunday way up the Bonnechere River. I had a water snake try to grab my fake minnow but my companion did managed to catch a fish. It started to rain right then so that was the end of our fishing expedition.

  4. Karen - I have yet to try her cake mixes but I think that you have given me the push I need. I could use a good cake fix. :)

    Boo for it raining on your fishing excursion but I'm glad someone caught a fish.