Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring Planting

One of my favourite things about Spring is planting the vegetable garden. It reminds me of my childhood, when Dad would till the garden and prepare it for planting, then the whole family would get in on the action, carefully placing little peas in the rows laid out for us, struggling with the tiny carrot seeds, enjoying the fresh cold earth. Those were good times, sweet memories. As I got older and into the teenage years, I would try and get out of helping at all costs. I would pout and grump as I got dragged out to help plant, thinking there couldn't be anything worse than this.

But now, now I'm back to the joy of planting seeds, watching tiny green shoots come up through the dirt and take pleasure in harvesting veggies that I have helped tend and grow. Yes, spring planting is exciting again.

We got our garden planted last Saturday, taking advantage of the long weekend and the sunshine. Dan had prepped and tilled the garden during the week, so that we would be able to get straight to planting come the weekend.

We expanded our garden this year, almost doubling it in size. We said it was so that we could have more room between rows, seeing as last years garden was so crowded. But I took advantage of the extra space and enlarged the vegetable selection, so this years garden is going to be just as full, with more variety.

I mapped out a rough sketch of where things would be planted and wrote out the names of everything on stakes. With a garden this big, we have to know where everything is going.

Dan was in charge of making the rows this year, after my sad attempt last year at making them somewhat straight. He measured the distance between rows with stakes and then strung rope between said stakes. Then using the rope as a guide, he made nice even rows using the hoe.

It worked much better than my method of just starting at one end and backing up while dragging the hoe. Once the rows were made, we got to planting, which took forever. Or so it seemed. I think it's more like we planted in the middle of the day and with the sun beating down on us, it made the whole process seem a lot longer.

And I forgot to actually take any planting pictures, since I was too hot and sweaty to think of it. Oh well. Here's a picture of the garden that I snapped yesterday morning, with the fog in the background. I kind of like it.

There are already a few plants popping up through the soil but they're too small to actually photograph. It's pretty exciting stuff though. Don't worry, I'll be keeping you all posted on the growth of my garden.

Did anyone else get their gardens planted last weekend? Or maybe this weekend? If you don't have a huge garden like me, do you do any container gardening? Or maybe flowers instead of veggies? I would love to hear about it.


  1. That looks like a nice, big garden! So jealous that you have your garden planted. Our weather has not been cooperating this spring. First snow and cold, now just rain. So it's been too wet to get out there. We will be gone over the long holiday weekend, so no work done then and it looks like more rain predicted for the beginning of the week! Ugh! I am so anxious to start planting I too, like you, have expanded my garden so I have lots to do! May your garden grow well and give you a plentiful harvest!.

  2. I'm in the Ottawa Valley - we're still having frosts! One year we lost all of our tomatoes on the 9th of June!

  3. Janell - I'm sorry the weather hasn't let you plant your garden yet, that's frustrating. Hopefully the weather gets its act together soon and you can get your seeds in the ground. Almost everything is starting to pop up already and it's so exciting!

    Karen - Ya, we've had risk of frosts a couple times already. I hope that we don't lose our tomatoes though, I love them!