Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yard & Flowers

This post will be mostly pictures. I'm not feeling overly inspired today and I have a whole mishmash of photos I wanted to share with you all but didn't really have enough to make individual posts.

So for your viewing pleasure, here is a little bit of our life right now.

Rhubarb Patch Before

Rhubarb Patch After
Our happy little meat birds

Pretty flowers amongst the weeds I call a flower bed

Apple Blossoms
Our new and improved firepit with flat stones for warming up s'mores

My flowers are growing!
Our lilac bush

Happy tulips
So there you go. A picture filled post to give you a smile. Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Love all your flowers and am jealous of your fire pit. Hope you have many wonderful times around the fire this summer. Thanks for sharing all the pictures! I enjoy checking out your blog every day.

  2. Casey - Anytime! :D

    Ellie - Thanks! I love having fires around the pit in the summer, definitely one of my favourite backyard activities. And thank you the inspiration to keep posting. I was feeling in a blog slump this week and it's nice to know that someone notices and appreciates my daily posts.