Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yard Sale Finds

Nothing like some good yard sale deals to make you feel like the most frugal shopper ever. Or maybe not.

But still, I scored some sweet deals last week at a giant yard sale we went to and I'm hear to flaunt my treasures.

Ready to be amazed?

First up, this awesome antique chair I just stumbled upon. It's pretty much exactly what I have been looking for to put in our room as a clothes dump so that my floor and dresser might stay a little less cluttered.

I love the lines of it and the pattern in the back of it. Which you can't really see in these pictures but trust me, it's pretty.

It's in a little rough shape right now but I'm confident that once I give it some TLC, it will look fabulous. My plans are to sand and paint the wood (not sure what colour yet) and then reupholster the cushion. I'm not really in love with the mustard yellow.

And while I'm on the chair topic, check out these beauties!

They aren't a matching pair but they're similar enough that I don't think it will be overly noticeable once I give them a good coat of the same colour paint.

The plans for these are to go on the front porch with a little breakfast table. I'm pretty sure that eating breakfast out there during the summer months would be most delightful.

But how can you eat breakfast on your front porch without something to carry it out on? Shockingly enough, I don't own a single tray. Weird right?

Ever since I spotted this (see picture below) beautiful tray at a thrift store, I've been on the search for a tray for myself.

That is my sister Cora who took advantage of my brief hesitation at the price of said tray and swiped it for herself. She then informed me that she's been using the tray to eat breakfast on her porch in the mornings, and I got jealous!

So I found myself a tray. It's not half as cute as the one she got but it will have to do until I find a better one.

I also picked up two new baskets that I can use when harvesting produce from my garden. The deeper one is to pick beans and peas and such while the flatter one is to pick carrots, onions and other long type things. Cute right?

After picking out all these useful things, I thought it was about time to get some fun stuff too. So I headed over to the book section and came across these awesome finds!

I'm really excited to be expanding my children's books library and especially with so many amazing classics. I mean seriously, who doesn't love the Berenstein Bears?

Dan also picked out two books for himself.

That marks the end of our yard sale shopping spree. But the best part, the price! We only paid $14 for everything! Pretty amazing, eh? The money goes towards sending kids to a local day camp in the area so I felt good spending the money. Plus, I got some project worthy things!

Stay tuned to see how I fix up my chairs, whenever I actually get around to it. It could be a while, knowing my track record with finishing projects I start.

What about you? Do you love yard sales? Hate them? Couldn't care less? I'm totally a person who believes that one person's trash is another person's treasure.