Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Goals: Progress Report #2

Time for another goal update! We're now halfway through the year and I think I'm making decent progress on my goals so far. Although I know that the next six months will fly by so I really need to step up on some of these!

1. Make my own cleaning supplies I'm still working on this one. I have purchased some of the "ingredients" and just need to pick up some spray bottles and a few more things. Honestly though, I just have to start switching over instead of putting it off. 

2. Buy more locally grown food Once again, it's still happening. We have our 1/4 cow in the freezer and are looking at getting 1/2 a pig in the fall. We have also been buying more and more produce from the Farmer's Market and will soon be harvesting our own veggies.

3. Take a yoga class I took a hot yoga class back in April and actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

4. Read 10 books Done! I think I might have to up my goal though, since I'll most definitely be reading more in the next six months!

5. Quit my job As of tomorrow, I'm done!

6. Gain 10 pounds I've gained 5 but seem to be stuck there. At least I'm maintaining but it's frustrating not being able to gain any more.

7. Reupholster couch cushions No progress here. I really need to get on this.

8. Have an herb garden It's planted but not looking as promising as I had hoped.

9. Learn to parallel park No progress.

10. Plant a hedge and build a fence The hedge is planted and the fence should be coming soon.

11. Learn to live on one income The real test is about to start! As of tomorrow, we are officially down to one income.

12. Raise and sell meat birds We raised and sold 19 just last week. We have another batch of 25 chicks that are arriving today, to sell some more and keep some for ourselves. But since we already completed one batch, I'm crossing it off.

13. Try 10 new recipes I've tried five so far. So halfway to ten, halfway through the year!


  1. Eeeeek!!!! Tomorrow is your last day--I'm so excited for you!

    (As for parallel parking, I'll teach you that on in August--we'll just need a couple of orange traffic cones to get you started. :-)

  2. Tory - I can't believe that the end is so near! Ahh!!! And thanks for being excited for me. :)

    I will totally take you up on teaching me to parallel park.

  3. Good for you!! I love reading about your goals and seeing them get crossed off. I think I will write my own list. :)

  4. You are making great progress on your goals! WTG!

  5. girlinatree - Thanks! I love making lists and crossing things off, so it definitely helps keep me focused when I have something tangible I can refer back to. I totally think you should make your own list, you've still got 6 months to go!

  6. Halfway through the year and you are pretty much halfway done with your goals! Great job!

  7. Erin - Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how well I'm doing on them. But i know these next 6 months will fly by so I have to get working on some of the other ones.