Thursday, June 13, 2013


There are some big changes happening in the life of Dan and Jennie. It's something we have been working towards for a couple of years now and I can't believe that it's finally happening. And no, I'm not pregnant. So don't ask.

I am quitting my job! Most of you know that this has been something I have wanted to do for years now but the timing was never right. I put it into my goals for 2013 and I am happy to report that as of June 28th, at 1:00pm, I will be able to cross it off my list.

What will I be doing, you ask? I'm going to be a full time homemaker (housewife, stay-at-home-wife, domestic engineer, call it what you may). I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Ever since I was little, my goal in life was to grow up, get married, have babies and be a stay-at-home-mom. It seemed to be going quite well and the plan was working for a while. Until August 2010 that is. Babies just don't come easy to us. With each loss, not only was I grieving the loss of a baby, but also the loss of a dream. Every time I got pregnant, I got excited that I would soon be done my job and be able to stay home like I had always envisioned myseld doing. And then with each miscarriage, those dreams were dashed.

So moving on to Plan B. Who needs babies to stay at home? Not this girl! I am going to rock the title of stay-at-home-wife and prove that you can be awesome without kids too.

June 28th is fast approaching so I have started making up a list of some of the things I am looking forward to about being home all day. I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share it.
  • Form a daily routine (it will take some time to fall into a routine but I look forward to when I have one down)
  • Deep clean entire house
  • Monthly freezer cooking day
  • Work on house/yard projects
  • Knitting projects
  • Keep a better handle on our budget
  • Bookkeeping day (once a week)
  • Morning runs
  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • Work on the blog (better format, new pages, possible new look)
  • Make Dan the occasional breakfast
  • Spend more time in the gardens
  • Daily to-do lists
That's all I have for now but I'm sure it will grow over time. If you were going to be staying home full time, would you add anything to the list? If you already are a homemaker, any tips? I would love to hear any feedback, positive or negative.


  1. so exciting!!! good for you!

    Now you have more time to visit me in the city :)

  2. Casey - That was some fast commenting! Were you refreshing my blog waiting for me to post? :P

    I will have more time to visit you in the city but you work during the day. So that throws a wrench into things.

  3. I would add spend more time with family, especially my grandparents. I wish I could do that now but it's one thing I'm really looking forward to once I'm a SAHM.

    Eeek, I'm so excited for you!!!

  4. Erin - I totally should have added spend more time with family. I don't really have any close but since I won't be working, I'm taking a week to visit my parents in Quebec!

  5. Um, you need to add hanging out with friends aka Vicky!!! :P

  6. Vicky - I totally meant to put that on there too! Oops. Thanks for the reminder though. :D

  7. Proud of you for taking such a leap.... it will take time... but you I hope will love it. Most of the time I do enjoy being home every day. This time it was not because of choice.... but that is a very long post. So enjoy making your lists and completing them, that is the best part checking off another item on the list.

  8. Cathy - Thanks! I know that some days I will love it and some days I won't, but I'm hoping that as a whole I will find it very rewarding. I'm looking forward to living simpler.

  9. I didn't read where you've factored reading into your list. You MUST, Jen!!! Started "kisses from katie"? yet? Looking forward to following you on your adventures .. .new and different

  10. That's awesome Jenn. I know you've wanted this for a long time. x

  11. Bunny - Duh! I completely forgot reading! Of course I want to get more reading done. I haven't started "Kisses From Katie" yet but I do have it in the house, ready to start. I've just been warned I will most likely cry so I don't want to bring it to work.

    Heidi - I have wanted this for a while. :) Thanks for being excited for me.