Monday, June 17, 2013

Children's Books

I have a love of children's books. Not an obsession, but a love. I love going to second hand stores and yard sales and sifting through the piles of books to find a few "treasures". I get excited over finding the perfect book and excitedly show it off to Dan, flaunting the cheap price I scored it for. This brings me joy.

Most of the books on my bookshelf designated to children's books are from yard sales or thrift stores. A couple of them were gifts and some are even from my childhood, given to me in my youth.

When I first started my collection, the few books I had were stored in the toy box along with all the other toys. Which was really not a great idea, since they are way more easily damaged than a plastic truck or a stuffed bear. So when we moved into our house, I asked Dan for a bookshelf. I wanted a bookshelf to store my beloved children's books and it was the perfect thing to help fill up an empty space in our living room. He outdid himself by making this beauty.

Isn't it gorgeous?

It's the perfect spot for it and it is easily accessible by visiting children. The only problem? Only about half of the top shelf is dedicated to kids.

My collection has been expanding and slowly filling up the top shelf, but I'm still far from filling up the entire bookshelf. The bottom holds my Herman comics collection, a couple Calvin and Hobbes books and some other assorted "coffee table" books. It's still looking a little bare but I'm sure over time it will fill up.

I am continuing to add to my collection, including the three books I picked up this weekend for a dollar. Yes, all three came to a total of $1. Lucky me!

I've also started hinting to my sisters (I'm looking at you Jackie) that if they are trying to come up with birthday gift ideas for me, a kid's book will always do. Especially Olivia or Frances books. :)

I think it's safe to say that I'm at the halfway mark of the top shelf with my children's books. I have a few at the end there that aren't for kids, they're just there. So I'm getting closer to filling my top shelf but still a long way off from filling the entire bookshelf.

What are your favourite children's books? Do you have a shelf dedicated to them? Do you need to buy them new or do you get excited over cheap second hand finds?


  1. Got your hint, dear sister. I'll see what I can find. :)

  2. Jackie - Hooray for getting the hint! :P I'm so excited that I will be getting books from you, you always choose the best ones. Love you!

  3. My mom kept all my books from my childhood (same with my sister's books, she was a big believer in making sure we each had our own even though we were 5 years apart). I'm hoping she lets me have mine so I can fill up our bookshelf.
    I loved Berenstein Bear books, and the Golden Books, I know I had at least 20 of those.
    My sister had all the Dr Seuss books, I'm slightly jealous of her.

  4. Do you like the Mr. Men or Miss books? And by children's books, what age range are you referring to? I remember your mother reading Gene Straton-Porter books to your family ... as well as some of the other classics. Would you like 'for interests sake' a sampling of children's books from Malaysia? They would contain the local flavour ... along with some examples of poor English writing ... but this is reality in some of the local books .. and makes it interesting. Let me know, Jen!

  5. Christina - My mom had all my books from my childhood for years too but last year when I was home for a visit, I went through the bookshelf and took all the ones that had my name in the front. :) The Berenstain Bears are definitely my favourite but Dr. Seuss ones are awesome too. I hope you can get your books from your mom!

    Bunny - The Mr. Men or Miss books, are those the small little square ones that hav Mr. Grumpy or Miss Happy, etc? If so, I like those ones too. I just bought Mr. Bouncy a few weeks back. Most of the ones are my shelf are for younger kids. I have a couple chapter books and those geared for a bit older on my bigger bookshelf. And I would love a few books from Malaysia! I love the broken English of books from other countries, I remember Jackie bringing back some awesome ones from Korea.

  6. Dan made a GORGEOUS bookshelf!! I always liked Goodnight Moon, and the "I love you forever" one ("as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.")

  7. Kate - I love the bookshelf, it was exactly what I had in mind. :) I love the "I love you forever" book. It's in my collection.

  8. I'm working on a collection right now for a certain little girl, my parents didn't keep any of my books from when I was a kid (although I have a few boxes of books from high school). It's so much fun to re-read the books you grew up with.

  9. Erin - I'm sorry that your parents didn't keep your childhood books. But I think that it now gives you the opportunity to fill your daughter's collection with your all time favourites!