Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fresh Rhubarb

As you know, Dan and I planted a little rhubarb patch this year. We were given some plants for free from a friend and we happily got them in the ground ASAP so that they could have a nice long time to grow and spread.

But here's the thing about rhubarb, you need to let it take root and get a good solid start on life before picking it. So this year, even though we have a nice looking patch, we can't actually enjoy it yet.

We just get to look at it. Oh well.

So what that meant, is that we needed to find alternate sources for our rhubarb this year. Luckily for us, a nice couple from our church told us that we could come by any time and pick rhubarb from their large patch. Of course we took them up on it.

I find rhubarb so pretty, with its rich red stalks. Doesn't my dish rack full of it look amazing?

I decided that I wanted to freeze all of the rhubarb I picked this time, so that I can enjoy it over the winter months. I love adding it to muffins and crisps, as well as making stewed rhubarb out of it.

So I chopped it all up and then put it into milk bags to freeze them. I use milk bags because they don't cost me anything extra to buy and they're nice and thick to protect the produce I'm freezing.

I hope to be able to pick at least one more similar sized batch of rhubarb so that I can can get more in the freezer, as well as make some yummy stewed rhubarb for us to eat now. Or maybe a crisp.

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