Monday, June 24, 2013

Mia is Famous!

Remember way back in February when I wrote this sad post about Mia destroying my beloved signed copy of the Young House Love book? But then remember this awesome picture we shared about how we dog shamed her?

Well something else that I did but didn't mention was that I submitted the above picture to and hoped that they would put it up and share her silliness with the rest of the world.

Well that was in February. With each month that went by and still her picture didn't go up, I figured they were inundated with a crazy amount of shamed dogs and didn't have time to put them all up. So I moved on with my life and kind of forgot about submitting the picture.

Until a week ago when I received an email from them saying this:

Hi Jenn,

I just came across your submission and loved it so much, I reached out to the authors and we're going to replace your signed copy that was destroyed with a brand new signed copy!!
If you email me your address, I'll get the book to you ASAP.
Hope you have a great weekend!
How awesome is that? It totally made my day. Although I was honest and told them that I had actually already replaced my copy of the book but thank you for the offer. Which they then said:
Thanks so much for your honesty. Since I've already talked with the authors, why don't we still send you the copy?
Have I mentioned that I think these people are awesome? Wow.
Back to why Mia is famous. She got put up on their site! I feel so proud of her, even though the whole reason why she is there is because she was a bad dog to begin with. But still, I was pretty excited. Check out her submission here!
Okay, I'm done bragging about my dog now. You can return to your Monday routine. :)