Friday, June 21, 2013

Simple Pleasures - June

This past week was a good week for little things making me smile. Some days I struggled to find one thing and other days I couldn't pick just one! Life is good.

Saturday: My new basket I found at a thrift store for $2!

Sunday: Flowers through the window

Monday: My amazing granola that I am slightly addicted to

Tuesday: The spider plants that actually survived the transplant

Wednesday: The blue morning sky

Wednesday: Dan made me "fish and chips" for supper (he caught the fish)

Thursday: The painted turtle that tried laying eggs in our front lawn

Thursday: My wild strawberries growing in my flower garden

Thursday: Enjoying a cup of tea by the campfire
 It was a good week with lots of small things making me smile. I love taking the time each month to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.


  1. jealous of the basket find (I think I'm addicted to baskets lol)
    Love the strawberries, and my mom told me - Spider Plants are nearly impossible to kill, good news for me too - I have one that's barely hanging on after I left it out in a rainstorm lol

  2. Kate - I think I'm slowly feeding my basket addiction. But this one was just too good to pass up. And I already killed one spider plant. :(

  3. Sweet basket find! And tasty looking fish & chips :)

  4. Jackie - I was so excited when I found that basket! And the fish and chips were pretty tasty. :D

  5. Enjoying your simple pleasures right along with you. Thanks for sharing!

  6. The fish and chips look amazing and I'm jealous of your $2 basket. I can never find deals like that here.

  7. Ellie - I always love your comments. I'm glad my simple pleasures could bring you joy. :)

    Stasy - The fish and chips were delicious! He made a lemon dill sauce to go on the fish. And the basket was definitely a find. I love coming across awesome deals like that.

  8. Those strawberries look like they are going to taste delicious! and I love the picture of you.

  9. Erin - I did sneak a taste of one of the strawberries and it was pretty good!

  10. Hi Jenny, the strawberries have my mouth watering .. and my mind running down memory lane. So many times I walked through the field across from my house ... and all along the tracks to savour their sweet flavour. Yummie!!

    Baskets. YUP! I've always loved them too and was so sad to have to part with many of them when I moved here. There's a workshop here where the handicapped weave baskets ... simple but beautifully made. I bought some because I was fascinated to see the perfect workmanship, especially from the one man who is 100% blind. (Hope my suitcase isn't too full to fit one it :>) )

    Blue sky .. delightful .. especially this week. Our part of the world is blanketed with smoke from the fires raging in Indonesia. So many different stories as to cause but the reality is that fires used to clear for plantations are out of control. Air quality is in the unhealthy range for many people. Everything in the house is coated with a layer of fine grey dust. YUK!! Not even going to try to clean until smoke is gone. (Good thing I'm alone and don't have to.)

    I too have a spider plant .. and yes, they are hard to kill ... but believe me, it's not impossible. My baby now has babies of her own after about 6 months. Did you know that they purify the air as well??

    How fascinating to see the turtle using your lawn! Is your soil so soft that she could easily dig to lay her eggs there? In Malaysia, especially Terrenganu, they love turtle eggs ... and sadly, they even eat those of endangered species when they can get away with it. I've never eaten one .. nor do I plan to!!! YUK!

    Enjoy, Jenn. Thanks for sharing these pictures along with your thoughts. Reminds each of us to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.


  11. Bunny - I'm glad you enjoyed my joys from June. I love posting about them and love it when people can appreciate them along with me.

  12. Yay for little pleasures! :) I especially love the strawberries. And how is it that the turtles like your lawn so much?? :D

  13. Cora - I'm so glad you suggested doing this monthly, it brings me such joy. And the strawberries tasted very good, although I ate them all in like 3 minutes. Oh well.

    As for the turtles, I don't know! We've had at least 15 turtles (both snapping and painted) come on up through our yard, although they don't all lay.