Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's Growing Wednesday

Another garden update and so much has changed since last week! It's amazing how fast things grow and fill out.

Our zucchini seems to be holding on okay, despite getting eaten by something. I wish we could figure it out and stop the poor things from getting so scraggly looking.

Our seven heirloom tomato plants are doing well, with one of them already producing a small green tomato. I'm happy that they are growing and looking happy, since they were a little more costly than normal Home Depot plants.

And our potatoes! They are growing like crazy and filling out fast. We are pretty excited about this, since our barrel potatoes last year were a complete fail. Maybe we'll get a better potato harvest this summer!

I'm also thrilled that the beans are growing and the new ones we planted have popped up as well. I think that beans are my favourite fresh garden vegetable, so we need a lot of them. Especially since I also freeze them to eat throughout the winter months.

Our lettuce isn't doing as well as I had hoped. Last year we had more than we could handle and ended up giving most of it to the hens, so we planted less this year. And of course now it's not doing that great.

Eeek, the above picture really shows how much I need to get to weeding. The garden has been slightly neglected for the last week and you can totally tell. The weeds grow faster than the veggies do!

The below picture of the peas also shows how badly we need to weed. And get a fence up for them to start climbing. We really need to get on that soon.

One more picture of our beets (with our pepper plants in the background) and then I'll end today's garden post.

Isn't it looking good though? Just imagine how much better it will look once we spend some time in there this weekend pulling weeds and getting fences and stakes up. I'm excited for it to keep filling out and soon being able to pick fresh veggies from our garden.

I can't wait to see how much it has changed by next week! I think I'm going to like these weekly garden posts.


  1. I love your garden! You guys are my favourite vegetable garden people. :)

  2. Vicky - Thanks! Are we your favourites because we promised to share extra bounty with you? ;)

    Kate - Do you like beets? :P