Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Growing Wednesday

Time to show off my garden's growth this past week! I'm actually pretty impressed with how things have just shot up, especially the zucchini.

I now have to take two pictures of the garden since the potatoes are so big it blocks the view of the other half.

 The zucchini seems to be doing well, despite the rough start it had to life. The leaves have just exploded! Although it is still looking sad.

The cucumber plants are doing okay. The new ones are popping up and hopefully survive whatever bug ate the first two plantings.

A tomato is growing
 Our beans are doing well and I can't wait to get the first fresh beans in the next couple weeks.

Our smaller tomato plants
 Our pepper plants are starting to flower, which is super exciting! Yay for colourful peppers later in the summer!

Our carrots aren't doing too well though, I'm going to have to replant some or else my carrot crop this summer is going to suck. I really have to get on that though.

Potato plants!

And this is all the grew in my gutter herb garden, just two tiny basil plants. I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't water them for a full week and they dried out. Oops! I'm thinking I might pick up some plants from the Farmer's Market and become a little more faithful at watering them. I still want herbs.

  It's looking better and better each week, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Nice to have so much space for your garden! It's fun to watch everything coming along. We used to have a pretty good vegetable garden in the back years, but now our maple tree is so big thatnwendon't get much sun back there. Not good for the vegetable garden, but wonderful shade on a hot day. Now I grow some vegetables in between the flowers in the front yard.

  2. Ellie - We definitely lucked out with such a nice area to put in a garden. It's the perfect location and gets plenty of sun. I'm glad that even though you lost your larger garden area, you're still making the most of it and planting in your flower gardens. That's what I did in our first apartment when we had no other alternative.

    Erin - Thanks!

  3. Yay for gardens, and yay for pepper plants! :)
    Nice garden Jennie.

  4. Cora - Thanks! Although your zucchini does look happier than mine does. :P