Monday, June 3, 2013

Zoo Fun Run: My First 5K

Well, I did it. I ran my first 5K run and didn't die!

As most of you probably remember, I started the Couch to 5K program back at the beginning of April and hoped to be done the program by the end of May. I signed up for a local 5K run in the hopes that it would motivate me to keep going when I felt like quitting.

Well, thanks to my shin splints, I had to take a three week running break and then I really struggled with getting back into the swing of things. So much so, that I was actually terrified for June 1st to arrive and with it my 5K run I had signed up for.

But I knew that I had to at least try and run it. I had told enough people about it that I couldn't back out, and I knew that it would be a good experience. So I woke up bright and early Saturday morning, ate breakfast, and headed off to my run.

I am so proud of myself for going and finishing it! I ran the whole thing in 41 minutes and only had to take three small walking breaks. Which is WAY better than I thought I would do.

I felt so good after the run (well not immediately after) and am feeling motivated to keep at this new form of exercise I have chosen. While I came in almost last, I still finished the whole thing. I got up off my couch, put on my running shoes, and slowly but surely ran 5K.

Dan was an awesome support and situated himself at random points in the course to cheer me on and take pictures. He definitely wins #1 husband award.

I'm totally sore today and feeling the effects of pushing myself too hard, but I'm also feeling inspired and motivated to keep at it. Today will be day one of starting the C25K program over again and I hope to train well over the summer, improving my endurance and speed. Oh, and I've already started researching 5K runs to do this September and have been working on recruiting friends to do it with me. Anyone want to join me?


  1. Congratulations! Way to go! Keep working on building up the endurance. There's a 5km at the Metro Toronto Zoo that my daughter and my husband are aiming for. I think it includes free admission to the zoo for the day (but don't quote me on that).

  2. Congratulations! well done!

  3. Ellie - Thanks! I plan to keep working on my running as I really do think I will come to love it. And that sounds like a fun run at the Toronto Zoo! I might have to look into it.

    Kate - Thanks!

  4. yay i am so proud!!! i wish we lived closer so we could run together. I hope to be back out there soon once I am all healed from my wisdom teeth

  5. Your determination despite your fear brings tears to my eyes little sister! I was terrified before my race too. :)
    Excited to race 5k with you in the fall!!

  6. I love, love, love this post! I love that you challenged yourself and followed through; I love that you felt good at the end; I love that Dan is such an amazing husband; and I love that this is the beginning of your running journey, not the end. I'm so proud of you!!

    And can you tell me more about the "Zoo" part? Did you get to see cute little animals as you ran? That would totally motivate me! (Unless they were snapping turtles, of course... ;-)

  7. Casey - Thanks! I'm pretty proud of myself too. And it would be awesome to be able to run together, I think having a buddy would help motivate me. I hope that your face heals quickly and you can get back to running in no time.

    Cora - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets freaked out before a race. I'm so proud of us both for facing those fears and getting out there! And I CAN'T WAIT for the run in the fall with you. :D

    Tory - Thanks love! I love that you love all the things I love. :D As for the zoo, we ran through the main pathway so there wasn't a lot of animals to run by. And to be honest, I was so focused on running and not collapsing that I didn't even notice any of the animals. And no, no snapping turtles. :P

  8. Yay Jenn! I'm so proud of you, I knew you could do it! I love seeing all the pictures of you. Dan was so sweet to take all of them!

  9. Erin - Thanks! I appreciated all your cheering on and faith in me in the days leading up to it. You're a great motivator. And I agree that Dan did an awesome job documenting my first run.

  10. You really enjoyed your first 5k run, didn't you? You reached the finish line in 41 minutes. Well, that's not bad for a first timer like you. I'm sure that the next time you do a 5k run again, it will be easier for you. If you want it to be more challenging, you could try a 10k race too. Take it slow; you don't have to force yourself. Congrats again! :)

    Gil Bergeron @ Fitness Together