Tuesday, July 2, 2013

End of Work Surprise!

Thursday night, as we lay in bed, I mentioned to Dan that since Friday was my last day, I expected to return home to fireworks and banners and streamers. And I was totally kidding.

But since when has that stopped Dan?

I arrived home from work to Dan sitting on one of the blueberry planters. I didn't think anything of it, figuring he was just excited for me to be done and was welcoming me home. I parked the car and as I got out, fireworks started going off! It was amazing!


It was totally unexpected and such an awesome surprise! I really never thought he would actually go buy me some fireworks. So cool.

Then as we came into the house, the sun room was decorated with streamers!

As was the rest of the house.

Oh, and he made me a banner out of balloons too, saying "You're Done".

Dan totally won "most awesome husband ever" award. He made me feel really special and it was exciting to be starting this new journey with such a huge bang.

We also invited some friends over for supper that night, to help us celebrate. But we were too busy celebrating to remember to take any pictures. Oops! It was fun though.

And as another complete surprise, I got some good bye gifts from work and coworkers. The group gift was a $50 gift certificate to a bulk food store that I'm totally in love with. Then I received a mini yellow rose bush and a Willow Tree figurine from two other coworkers.

They are gorgeous and came as a total surprise. I really wasn't expecting anything from anyone. But now, whenever I look at them I smile and remember how loved I really was at work.

But I'm on to bigger and better things! Today is my first real day at home as a SAHW and I'm excited for it. I have already tidied our room, have a load of laundry in, sent Dan off to work and written a blog post. Not bad for before 9:00am. And don't worry, I have much  more on my to do list for the day.


  1. That is soooo sweet of him!! I hope you enjoy your first real day of housewifery!!

  2. Casey - Thanks! So far my day is going well. Although the weather isn't cooperating. I wanted to go strawberry picking!

  3. How cute!! I love that he literally had fireworks for you! =) (and I love WillowTree!!)

  4. Enjoy your first day! And Dan does deserve an award, what a freat hubby!

  5. So sweet...bot your husband and your coworkers.
    I've started a Willow Tree collection, I've been eyeing that exact figurine for awhile now, hopefully for my birthday or Christmas this year.

  6. Kate - I love Willow Tree too but have always been too cheap to actually buy myself one. So I was especially delighted when I opened my gift.

    Megan - I'm most definitely enjoying my day!

    Christina - Willow Tree figurines are beautiful. I hope you get this one for the next big holiday, it really is beautiful.

  7. Way to go Dan - That's awesome that he did all of that for you :)

  8. Mrs. Lopez - Dan is pretty awesome. :D