Friday, July 19, 2013

Lean On Me

First of all, I apologize for not having a post up yesterday. I did receive one official complaint from a faithful follower (you know who you are) and I promised to post something today, even if it wasn't very exciting. You see, being laid up in bed all week has kind of put a damper on getting anything done and that means I don't have much to blog about.

But today is your lucky day, because even though I have done nothing exciting this past week, I have decided to blog about crutches!

Yes, you read that right, crutches. You're thrilled, right?

As most of you know, my husband and I were in a motorcycle accident last Saturday night and I sprained my ankle. It's just a minor sprain and I can hobble around the house alright, using the walls, counters, chairs, etc, as support. Especially since I really don't move around that much, it's mostly moving from the bed to the bathroom to the couch to the kitchen and then repeat.

So initially, I didn't think I needed crutches. But the more I thought about it, the more I decided they would come in handy. I would be able to go out to the garden, go into town with Dan and run the few errands we had to do. So a nice couple from our church lent me a pair and I was introduced to the fun of using crutches.

I'm really thankful that I have the use of a pair for free and they really do help me keep weight off my foot, which I believe is helping in it's healing process. Although the bruising is still looking pretty bad.

The bruising does actually go further down my foot but this picture doesn't quite capture it. It hurts like heck though and is constantly throbbing.

Getting back to the crutches, I decided to do a pros and cons list.

Pros to using crutches:
- I can go further distances
- It keeps weight off my foot
- People give me sympathetic looks and move out of the way, hold doors open and are just generally more friendly
- I'm working on my arm muscles

Cons to using crutches:
- You go a lot slower
- They hurt your hands, arms, ribcage, etc (although this could also be more of a complaint since my whole body already aches)
- Everybody stares at you
- They make me a lot more clumsy and more of a tripping hazard
- It's more of a workout to use them and so you get a lot more sweaty than normal (especially in this heat)

That's all I can think of this morning. Have any of you had to use crutches before? Do you have any pros or cons to add to my list? Tips, advice, sympathy?

And to think that when I was little I thought it would be awesome to need crutches. I remember using an old pair we had around the house and pretending I had a broken foot, hobbling around and thinking I was so cool. Ugh.


  1. Ive never needed crutches before, but one time I tried them and they HURT. hope you heal up fast!

  2. I had crutches in 6th grade...sprained my ankle I dance class.
    I learned to tape wash cloths to the armpit padding, the padding on the crutches eventually doesn't feel very padded.
    I had to hobble around my middle school, totally sucked. Way too many kids and I was supposed to dodge them all. Eventually my teaches and school nurse realized it was easier (and safer) if I left class a few minutes early so I could make it to my next class before the swarm of people.
    They did get me out of gym for quite awhile, although that was more the sprained ankle then the crutches.
    I hope you heal up quickly!!

  3. Casey - Thanks. I'm really hoping I won't need to use them for long since they're pretty uncomfy.

    Christina - I'm glad that you can relate. Although you definitely had it worse, I can't imagine trying to get around school with them. Glad your teachers smartened up. And thanks for the tip about the washcloths!

  4. :) How pleasant to be able to read a new blog post of yours while eating my breakfast! Hope the healing continues quickly and that your arm muscles get nice and big. ;)

  5. Jackie - I knew you would be delighted to see this post this morning. :)

  6. I broke the growth plate in my knee in the 6th grade. I was on them for almost two months. The crutches got me and a friend out of classes 10 minutes early. Even when she wasn't in my class. She had a note that released her so she could come get me from class and carry my stuff. Plus we got to lunch before everyone else. Also, I didn't have to participate in gym most of the semester. ;)

  7. Maddie - That sounds like a good deal you and your friend had there! But boo for having to use crutches for two months.

  8. Crutches suck! My wife broke her leg a couple months ago and it was brutal. Not sure if you'd be interested in something like this but my wife and I used this website called and we were able to hire someone to our little errands and tasks during the day while my wife wasn't very mobile and I was busy at work