Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Remember Me?

I've been a bad blogger this past week and I apologize. I got really bad vertigo Wednesday evening and then felt light headed and crappy for the rest of the week so I spent it in bed watching Downton Abbey.

But I'm back now and have a few pictures to share! They're kind of random but I figured you wouldn't mind since it's been nearly a week since you all heard from me. Hopefully no one thought I had died or anything.

First up, my awesome free sample pack I received in the mail. It's amazing how a tiny little package of random hygiene products can make me so happy. Is that weird?

What can I say, free things make me smile.

Next up, my brand new haircut. I know a self portrait may not have been the best way to capture my new do but it's all I could do since Dan was napping at the time.

And since I know you're dying to see a better picture of my hair, I'm also going to share a shot that was snapped at a wedding we attended on Saturday. Aren't we one fine looking couple?

So there you have it. My lame excuse for disappearing from the blogosphere for a bit. But never fear, I shall be back tomorrow with an update on our garden and then some strawberry stories later in the week! Stay tuned!


  1. Free things always make me happy--how did you get that fabulous sample pack?

    And I love the haircut--you look beautiful! I showed Jeff the picture of you and Dan, and he declared you "quite the handsome couple"! :-)

  2. Tory - I actually don't know how I received this sample pack. I ordered another one through a website so maybe this one was an extra bonus? Oh well, I'll take it! And tell Jeff thank you, I like being handsome. :P

  3. love the haircut, love the dress you wore to the wedding - cute couple!!

  4. Hey! Good to see that you are still alive ;) I'm guessing you are spending a lot less time behind a computer screen lately. Same thing over here, so I can't judge!

  5. Kate - Thanks! I'm pretty in love with the dress, too bad occasions to wear it don't come up too often.

    Erin - Yes, I'm still alive. And I'm definitely spending less time on the computer than before, which explains my lack of blogging. But I really do plan on trying to do better.