Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Split Rail Fence

As promised yesterday, here is my post on the project we worked on last week. We built a fence! I have always loved the look of split rail fences, which could have stemmed from growing up with them surrounding our farm. They just look so rustic and charming and I knew that I wanted one at our place, it just took us a while to figure out where.

After putting our hedge in this spring, we knew we wanted to finish off the property line with a fence in the front yard. Our neighbours have a crazy looking yard, which we affectionately call "the hay field" so we were pretty excited to get up the fence and create more of an obvious dividing line between the two lots.

So this is the blank canvas we started with, starting from the last cedar bush to the telephone pole at the front of the yard.

Don't you love the contrast between our two yards? Ours is the lawn, theirs is the weeds.

We were lucky enough to get all the rails for free, we just had to go pick them up from a friend's actual hay field. I was pretty stoked about this awesome arrangement.

So we loaded 18 rails into the back of our truck and off we went!

We did have to pay for the posts but we also found a good deal on them, at just $5 a piece. They were cut to our desired length and came pre-weathered so they matched the rails. It was perfect.

Once we had the two main supplies needed to build the fence, we rented a post hole digger from Home Depot and picked up some wire.

Then it was show time!

As Dan dug the holes, I ran back and forth to the driveway lugging the posts and rails over to the fence line. We were a pretty good team and moved along at a decent pace.

Before long, we had all the posts in and were ready to get the rails up. To do so, we twisted wire around the two posts and then set the rail on top of it, like this.

Easy peasy!

Oh, but before I get too carried away, I should mention that we did hit a little bit of a road bump. We miscalculated how many posts and rails we needed and ended up being short.

We wanted another length of rails to go between that last set of posts and the telephone pole. But we were out of posts and rails so we had to do our best for that night and pick up on it later, once we purchased more supplies.

So we just got to work doing as much as we could.

Once it all started coming together, I got almost giddy with excitement. It looked so good and totally fit in with our environment.

So we ended off there the first night and took a couple days off to get more posts and rails. But then it was game on, we wanted to get that fence finished!

And boy does it look good now. I love it and kind of just enjoy sitting on my front porch staring at it. Totally worth the time and money put into it.

What do you think? Don't you just love it? Doesn't it look like it totally belongs?

And as a bonus, I can totally cross this off my 13 Goals for 2013 list as well as my Outdoors List!


  1. Adds to the rustic look. Love it! Congratulations on accomplishing this goal!

  2. It totally looks like it belongs! :) Go team Dan & Jennie!

  3. Definitely rustic - it looks great!! Hope you guys are feeling ok/better after your disastrous date night!

  4. Ellie - Thanks! I love the rustic look of rail fences.

    Jackie - We sure do make a great team, Dan and I. :D

    Kate - Thanks! And yes, we are feeling a little better than yesterday. Still sore but not achy everywhere. Hopefully we continue to improve!

  5. It looks awesome! I have never seen a split rail fence made like that!

  6. DCWJes - Thanks! There are so many different styles of split rail fences and we did discuss doing it a different way. But this way is my favourite and the one I grew up with so it won out.