Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's Growing Wednesday

Time for another garden update! It's getting more exciting each week since we are now beginning to get actual food from it. I picked a bunch of beans on Monday but forgot to take a picture of them. I have a good excuse though, being on crutches and having to hobble around made it a lot more work than normal and I was so tired by the end of it that I forgot to take any pictures. Oops!

But I do have pictures from this morning. Dan helped me since I couldn't actually get into the garden to take any close up shots. Such a good husband he is.

Everything is so green and lush and gorgeous! Good thing I weeded the entire thing before the accident happened, so that it at least looks half decent now.

Our zucchini is going nuts and we really need to get it tamed. Our plan is to put a trellis thing and try and direct it away from the broccoli and overtaking the whole garden. It's just a little hard to do now, with our injuries.

As for the broccoli, it isn't doing all that well. It's being attacked by these tiny little beetle looking bugs and they're eating the leaves away. I'm not sure what to do about them and it makes me sad that our broccoli probably won't survive.

Our pepper plants are doing awesome and seeing the little peppers getting bigger each day brings me such joy. I'm so glad we opted for different varieties since its much more fun to see them take shape.

I've already picked some peas and am looking forward to getting more soon. Dan doesn't like peas so I always just plant a small row and eat them directly from the garden. It's the perfect summer snack.

Our tomatoes are getting bigger and bigger each day and we really need to get them tied up a little better. They're slowly taking over everything!

The carrots I planted a couple weeks back are growing and looking good. I'm excited that they took this time and I have successfully grown my carrot supply.

We also really need to up our intake of swiss chard and spinach, since they are growing like crazy. It doesn't help that our appetites are diminished and our energy levels for cooking are pretty minor.

See me in the background balancing on my crutches? Pretty cool looking eh?

And once again I'll end with an updated shot of my basil in my gutter garden. It's growing every day but still pretty small.

So there you go, another week of my garden's growth. Hopefully I'll be feeling better next week and can actually get some work done in it!


  1. I can't believe how fast everything is growing!! Did you plant your tomato and pepper plants from seed?

  2. Jackie - It's insane how fast things grow! Especially now that I find it hard to get into the garden, it seems to need more attention. I didn't plant my tomato and pepper plants, I bought them from the farmer's market. But I may try planting from seed next year.

  3. Furry Gnome - Thanks! I'm pretty proud of it.