Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Knitting for Others

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Remember back in April when I posted about my non-slouchy beret I knitted myself? Well the hat was such a hit, that many of my friends decided they wanted one too. And when I say many, I really mean like two. But many sounds better so that's what I'm sticking with.

My awesome friend Tory, who came with her husband the middle of August for an epic 2-day visit, was the first to request one. I actually can't remember if she asked first or if I offered first but somehow it ended up with me knitting her a hat and a cowl. Which was totally cool and I loved doing.

I chose a pretty dark grey colour and started off by knitting the cowl, since I knew it would be the most time consuming. I originally thought that I would do both the cowl and the hat in the same grey but decided it would be too dark and dreary. So I used up some leftover yarn and made her a hat to match mine!

Me modeling Tory's stuff
She was completely delighted with her gift and wore them for a good chunk of the weekend. Although the chilly weather definitely helped in this decision as well.

Knitting for others is special and fun to do. The whole time I was knitting Tory's gifts, I kept thinking about her and how much she was going to like them.

I'm excited to get started on my next project for another friend. I plan on picking up the yarn tomorrow and getting started on it later this week. I'm so glad I got back into knitting, it's so relaxing and fun to do. If you haven't tried it, you totally should.


  1. My mom recently taught me how to crochet! Trying not to let too much time pass in between sessions or I'll forget everything lol

  2. Knitting is a lot of fun and I find fall a great time to get going on yarn projects!

  3. It's seriously the awesomest cold weather gear I've ever owned! And I might have already asked Jeff once or twice (in August in Virginia, mind you), if it would be okay if I wore them at the movie theatre to keep me warm in the AC. He said he would just sit far, far away.

  4. Kate - I have never learned to crochet. But you should definitely whip up some projects before you forget how!

    Jackie - Yes, fall is a great time to get back into knitting projects. I definitely slowed down over the summer but I'm excited to start some new ones!

    Tory - You make me chuckle. And I love that you wanted to wear them in the theatre, the AC can get cold in there!

  5. It looks like you ladies had a wonderful visit. I'm still trying to contain my jealousy. :P

    Did you use a pattern or make it up yourself?

  6. Stasy- We did have a wonderful visit. :) And yes, I did use a pattern for the hat and cowl. I'm not THAT creative. :P