Friday, August 16, 2013

Peach Overload

I love peaches. They are just so juicy and good and I may eat a significant amount of them at this time of year. But since I like peaches at all times, I like to store some away for winter use.

So last Sunday I picked up four 3 litre baskets of them at the grocery store, since they were on sale for $2.97 each.

But on Sunday, I couldn't do much with them because they were all really hard and I wanted to give them time to soften up.

Except by the time Jeff and Tory left on Wednesday, they were way too soft and some of them were going moldy. It's amazing how fast they can turn! Tuesday night they looked fine and then when I got up Wednesday morning, they needed to be dealt with immediately. So as soon as our fabulous guests said adios, I got right down to business the peaches.

I started off by making peach jam. First I had to wash and peel the peaches and put them in a food processor.

Then I pulsed them up into a nice puree and dumped them into a pot to boil.

From there, I added peach juice and sugar (I got my recipe from the book Putting Food By) and then boiled until the jam was at the "tear off the spoon" phase. Except for a I suck at knowing when that is and didn't cook it quite enough. So I have slightly runny jam. Oh well, it tastes pretty darn good!

Once the jam was done, I still had about half the peaches left to deal with. So I washed and cut up the remaining ones and spread them on a cookie sheet to freeze.

I put the sheets in the freezer overnight and then bagged them the next day.

Although I'm thinking I may need to go buy more to freeze. Four small Ziploc bags doesn't seem like enough to last me the winter.

How about you? Do you love peaches? Do you buy them fresh and devour them all right away or do you find a way to savour them all year long? Have you ever tried making peach jam?


  1. I love peaches pureed into things. Such a great flavor! There's just something about their texture though. I don't know what it is, but I can't eat peaches. Is that crazy weird?

  2. We bought some awhile ago. They were starting to go mushy, so I made some smoothies! I love peaches! I need to get some more!


  3. Maddie - I'm glad you aren't totally against peaches. I love them but they have to be the perfect ripeness. And sometimes they're just a funny texture and I can't eat them. So I guess it depends.

    DCWJes - Smoothies, yum! I froze mine mainly to use in smoothies over the winter months.

  4. Furry Gnome - It tastes pretty wonderful too!