Monday, August 12, 2013

Shower Decorations

I shared my fabulous candle tea cups with you last week and today I'm  back to share the rest of my shower decorations. This was the first shower that I ever planned, hosted and decorated for so I was feeling a little nervous. But thanks to some help from my friend Vicky and some Pinterest inspiration, I think I did a good job pulling it off!

My favourite decoration to make and look at was definitely the tissue paper balls. They were so simple and yet so classy! I won't bore you with how I went about making them (mostly because I totally slacked off in taking pictures) but here is the link for the instructions I followed.

Check out how good they looked!

I am totally in love and think that from here on out, I will be making these for all parties instead of using balloons.

The best part? They're super cheap to make! I went to the dollar store for my tissue paper and ribbon so it cost me about $3 to make six fabulous pom-poms. Totally doing it again.

As for other decorations, I made a picture clothesline to hang above the food table.

And of course I had a gorgeous silver tea set on display. You can't have a tea party without a silver tea set.

The food table had a tea station where the guests could choose a tea cup and then choose their flavour of tea. We also had iced tea on hand for those who preferred a cold beverage.

We had an assortment of fruit, veggies, baked goods and gluten-free baked goods.

It was a really nice evening and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. We had it at my parents house so it felt homey.

All in all, I'm proud of myself and proud of all my DIY decorations I pulled together. The evening was a hit and everyone had a good time, I call that a success.


  1. I love it! Especially the clothesline pictures - so fun!

  2. Jackie - Thanks! I was pretty thrilled with them. :)

    Jenek - Thanks! The clothesline pictures really turned out great. I was a little concerned as I started hanging them but they looked awesome.

  3. Tissue flowers are pretty much my go-to decoration since our wedding - and also since I am cheap, lol.

  4. Maddie - Thanks!

    Vicky - You had them at your wedding? And I'm totally jumping on board with the "go-to decoration" thing. They are simply fabulous.