Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tory & Jeff Visit!

Almost three years ago, after our first loss, I joined an online support group full of women who were going through similar losses to me. I immediately felt welcomed and bonded with some of the ladies there. Over the next two and a half years, I continued to be a part of this amazing community of women and have developed deeper friendships than I ever thought I would.

And today, I am going to talk about one in particular.

Tory and I got along from the beginning. Our friendship started off on the community board, then moved to Private Messages, transitioned to emails and Gmail chat, moved to texting and finally to a visit from Tory and her husband Jeff.

We started chatting more and more last October, with constant emails going back and forth. I celebrated with her when she announced she was pregnant again last fall and comforted her when she went through another loss right before Christmas. She cheered me on as I reported my weight gain and running goals to her. I encouraged her as she decided to get back into community theatre and she supported me through my decision to quit my job. I never knew that such a deep wonderful friendship could develop with someone I had never met before.

So when Tory announced that they would love to come for a visit in August, I of course said yes! Having the opportunity to finally meet one of my best friends was too good to pass up!

And so they arrived Monday morning and stayed through until lunchtime on Wednesday. We took them out for poutine, a Canadian must.

Then we drove around the city a bit and showed them the downtown. When we got back, we had supper and then roasted marshmallows over the campfire.

The next day, we took the boat up the river and showed them the Liftlocks.

We had a picnic lunch up the river and then returned home for some supper and games.


We had such a good time with them and enjoyed sharing new experiences with them. Such as collecting the eggs, discovering Canadian milk comes in bags and tasting Smarties for the first time.

Oh, and did I mention that they brought us gifts?

I made Tory a hat and cowl to match me but I forgot to get/make something for Jeff. Sorry Jeff, next time, okay?

We were sad to see them go but are already starting to plan our visit to them next. Thanks for visiting us Jeff and Tory!

(I would also recommend heading over to Tory's blog to read her account of our fabulous two days together.)


  1. Looks like a really fun visit! and I still struggle to believe some people havent had smarties!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! Tory is awesome, I met her last fall!

  3. Casey - I love(d) Smarties so I made sure they got a taste of them. They liked them, although who wouldn't.

    Christina - I'm glad that I have a second person backing me up on the awesomeness of Tory. :D

  4. Jenn, Dan, and Mia were the most amazing hosts! What Jenn glosses over when she says we had "supper" are the amazing meals she made with fresh-from-the-garden veggies--and her generosity in sharing the morning's eggs with my husband (whose joy and excitement in the whole process was quite childlike!). Jenn had done such a great job of planning fun things to do without over planning--there was plenty of time for sharing stories, playing with Mia, and wandering in the garden/chicken coop. WE were the ones who were so lucky to be with the totally amazing Jenn and Dan, so it was no surprise at all that we referred to the last picture in this post as our "family photo!"

  5. (Oh, and I might have worn my hat and cowl for the entire drive yesterday. And Jeff might have pretended to laugh at me but really been a little jealous and tried to steal the hat. ;-)

  6. Tory - You are the sweetest. And I'm so glad you guys had a good time with us. Maybe next time I should make Jeff a hat. :P

  7. I'm so jealous. You all look like you had so much fun. I love the other family photo with Mia standing!!!

  8. Maddie - Well now you'll just have to come visit me and then I can blog about how much fun we had together! :P And I agree, the one with Mia standing is really cute.