Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's Growing Wednesday?

My garden is starting to look a little more sad lately. Probably because I haven't weeded it in over a month and I haven't had the time or energy do much work in it. But next week, I've got plans to change that! I finally have some time to just chill at home and be the kick-ass housewife I am meant to be!

But I'm still pretty pleased with how things are progressing. Our peppers are starting to change colours and will soon be ready for eating.

Our second planting of carrots is doing well, I just need to get out there and thin them. Maybe Friday...

I'm most delighted about our black cherry tomato plant that we have. We harvested our first tomatoes off of it this week and they tasted so sweet and good!

I'm also pretty delighted that our third planting of cucumbers are actually producing something. It's almost big enough to pick and eat.

That's it for this week folks. I wonder how many more weeks of What's Growing Wednesday's we'll have before fall sets in. It's chilly here today and doesn't feel like mid-August to me at all.


  1. I can now vouch for how delicious those beans are, how sweet the tomatoes taste, and yummy the potatoes are--whether mashed or boiled! It's shocking we didn't steal vegetables before we left, Jenn! (Or did we... ;-)

  2. Tory - I'm so happy that you can vouch for the tastiness of my veggies! And if you did happen to sneak a veggie or two into your car, I totally don't mind. :P