Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's Growing Wednesday?

I keep harvesting more and more from our garden and it makes me so excited.

I even got out to work in my garden this past week, weeding between the onions, peppers and carrots. It had been over a month since I weeded and it desperately needed it.

My garden hat did a fabulous job protecting me from the sun.

But I have something exciting to share with you this Wednesday! Remember last year when I blogged about our barrel potatoes and how badly they worked? If you weren't around last year, take a moment to at least look through the pictures in that old post before moving forward to this next part.

We didn't put much effort into the barrel potatoes this year, since we ran out of dirt halfway through the barrel and then just kind of forgot about them. But earlier this week, we noticed that the plants were looking kind of dead and it was probably time to dump them out and see how we did.

After last years complete failure, we were prepared for the worst but were still secretly hoping to have done better.

We held our breath as we fished through the pile of dirt, pulling out potato after potato. We didn't do amazingly but definitely an improvement over last year! I had to have Dan pile them all into my hands instead of being able to hold them easily in one hand.

We plan on trying them again next year but trying to be a bit more faithful with putting new dirt into the barrel and watering it a little more often. So maybe next year we'll have a killer crop!

We enjoyed them fresh that night with our supper and even had leftovers. I call that a success.

And one last picture of me with our first two cucumbers from the garden. After the rough start they had to life (we had to replant them 3 times), finally getting cucumbers is pretty exciting.

See you next week for more gardening goodness!!


  1. oh my goodness- I think your gardening hat is the same as my new beach hat! Fashionistas think alike ;)

    every time I read your gardening posts I get a craving for veggies. Your blog is good for my health

  2. Casey - I like that you referred to me as a fashionista. :D I got my hat at Le Chateau, where did you get yours?

    And I'm glad that my blog is helping your health, go eat some veggies now!