Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's Growing Wednesday?

Sorry this post is late getting up. I normally like to go out and take pictures of the garden first thing in the morning but it was so foggy when I woke up and then I had errands to run in town.

Better late than never right?

My garden is starting to look sad. This time of year is when things start to die off and harvesting picks up. My onions and potatoes are just about finished and need to be dealt with. Maybe this week.

Sad looking potato plants
But while some things are starting to look dead, others are still looking alive and well! Like my pepper plants, changing colours and almost ready to pick.

Our tomato plants aren't doing as well as we had hoped, but then again I blame that mostly on myself for doing a crappy job of tying them up and pruning them properly. Oh well. At least we're still getting tomatoes!

Our beets are getting bigger by the day and I plan on making pickled beets later this week. This is such a busy time of year, harvesting all the veggies.

But even though this time of year is crazy busy, it's also wonderful. I love being productive and I love being able to go out to my backyard and come in with a basket of vegetables. It's also nice to know that we will be enjoying these veggies all year round!

I'm going to be sad when garden season is over. Although I do plan on attempting to have an indoor herb garden this year. Any tips on that?


  1. My peppers haven't changed colour feeling a little jealous.
    Glad to read a post today (I was concerned this morning! ;P) and my only tip for indoor herbs is this: Give them love, attention and water!

  2. Same thing here. The garden is winding down, but it's such a great time of year when you can eat things fresh from the garden. And every year different things do well or poorly. Last year we had lots of enormous sqush; this year we have a few tiny ones! Who knows what next year will bring?

  3. Jackie - It happens really fast, so yours should be changing soon! And I knew you would be concerned when there was no post. :P

    Furry Gnome - I agree, every year there are different things that do well. Last year we were swimming in tomatoes, this year it seems to be zucchini. I'll take it as it comes.