Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Winning Big at the Fair

This past weekend was the annual Wilberforce Agricultural Fair and once again, Dan and I packed up our entries and headed off for the weekend.

I posted about how well I did last year at the fair so I thought I would do it again. It's always nice to be able to have it documented somewhere, since I normally forget by the time the next year rolls around.

Photo credit goes to Trish Easton of Trish Easton Photography
I'm really proud of how I did this year, especially since I didn't enter any baked goods. Normally, that's the category that I enter the most into. But since I'm gluten-free and dairy-free this year, I opted for not even trying. It was fun to be able to explore other categories though!

White Eggs - 1st
Brown Eggs - 1st
Spanish Onions - 1st
Red Potatoes - 1st
Short Carrots - 1st
Christmas Decoration - 1st
Knitted Hat - 1st
Knitted Afghan - 1st
House Plant - 1st
Green Beans - 2nd
Longest Zucchini - 2nd
Salsa - 2nd
Hanging Plant - 2nd
Knitted Dishcloth - 2nd
Knitted Scarf - 3rd
Novelty Craft Item - 3rd
Zucchini - Didn't place
Relish - Didn't place

Aren't you impressed? Out of all my entries, only two of them didn't place!

The three things I'm proudest of are my Christmas decoration, knitted hat and knitted afghan.

The judge LOVED my hat and afghan and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's nice to have something that I worked so hard on be admired.

But the Christmas decoration, that was loved by more than just the judge. It got this pretty orange piece of paper attached to it.

And in case you want to read what that little orange piece of paper says...

Basically it says that my cork Christmas trees are awesome and they want me to bring them to Toronto to display them in the craft room at the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Convention. Pretty cool eh? There were only two things at the whole fair that got this orange paper. I feel pretty special.

For the rest of the fair, Dan and I helped man the Nail Driving Contest booth as well as the High Striker.

It was a really fun weekend but it was also exhausting. I'm glad that it only happens once a year so that we now have a good 12 months to get ready for the next one!


  1. Wooohoooo! You rocked! Congrats lady!

  2. Look at all those first places! And congrats on the Xmas decorations, the trees are adorable!

  3. Loving all your ribbons! Congrats, hun! You rock!

  4. You didn't tell me about the orange piece of paper!!!! So exciting!!!!

  5. Congratulations! So many prizes! I'm debating entering our fair for the first time ever.

  6. Wow! You star! I can imagine you felt pretty pleased with yourself after all that! I really like entering these sort of things but I only manage about two entries at a time!!! I've had a bit of success at times though!

  7. Jackie - Thanks!

    Maddie - I did feel a little bit like I rocked it. :P

    Kate - Thanks, I was delighted about the Christmas trees. I'm totally in love with them and was excited when someone else was too.

    Jenek - Thanks! I felt pretty proud of myself.

    Vicky - Oops! I totally meant to tell you about the orange paper. Oh well, at least you read my blog! :P

    Furry Gnome - You should totally enter your fair. It's fun, even if you don't win everything.

    Anne - I did feel pretty pleased with myself. Especially since I normally do really well in the baking section but couldn't enter it this year. Entering two entries is better than entering none! I'm pretty sure this year is the most I've ever entered at once.

  8. I think the hat is, hands down, my personal favorite. ;-)

  9. Sounds like your garden is at the same stage as ours, really nice when there are actually things you can pick and eat.

  10. Tory - Of course the hat is your favourite! As it very well should be. :P

    The Furry Gnome - I love that my garden is finally producing stuff. All the hard work pays off and you can enjoy summers bounty.