Friday, September 6, 2013

Awesome Friends Again

Remember Jeff and Tory? Those amazingly cool people who came for a visit back in August? And do you remember back in January me blogging about getting a surprise package from some amazing people? Okay, you probably don't recall that last one, but oh well. Back to the awesome friends.

Guess who sent us another incredibly fun package in the mail? If you guessed Jeff and Tory, you win!

We love their packages because there is always something for everyone, including Mia. Which she loves. Check our her obedient sitting, hoping to get another treat.

Dan got five small bottles of different hot sauces and he has been happily using them on every meal I feed him, see picture below for proof.

I got some ginger candies that Tory likes and a Willow Tree figurine.

The figurine is so special to me and I can't believe she bought me one. I have always wanted Willow Tree figurines but have always been too cheap to purchase them for myself. When I left work at the end of June, one of my coworkers gave me one and I proudly displayed it on top of the piano. When Tory was here, I told her the story of the figurine and how much it meant to me.

She remembered and lovingly chose one that is so perfect. The Angel of the Garden, to represent my love of gardening and being able to share the bean picking experience with Tory when she was here.

So now I have two beautiful Willow Tree figurines from two very special women that sit on my piano and make me smile everyday.

I am one lucky girl to have found such an amazing friend in such an unlikely place. I love you Tory.


  1. I love you, too! This post made me smile so much, because I love how happy all the pieces made everyone in your family. (Jeff, of course, now wants the hot sauce sampler for himself. And he still wants Mia. He's working on international pet-smuggling plans.) ;-)

  2. Such an amazing and fun package!

  3. Awwww! I'm so glad you ladies have each other, even if there are many hundreds of miles between you. :)

  4. My Willow Tree gardener has a rake in her hands, they are so sweet! I gave my daughter one last Christmas as well.

  5. Tory - You should definitely go out and buy Jeff a sampler pack, you can't let him feel left out! And we kind of like Mia, so no stealing her away in the night. :P

    Jenek - I know, isn't it amazing!

    Stasy - I'm glad we have each other too. Now we just have to work out a way of getting you with us for one of these visits...

    Karen - I love the Willow Tree figurines so much. And I love how different they all are.