Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blueberry Picking

Since our blueberry plants didn't do all that well this year, we needed to get our winter's stash of blueberries elsewhere. So about a month ago now, I did some Googling and got some references from other people and finally we chose Wilmot Orchards to go picking at.

It was a really cool farm and they have done really well for themselves. They even had a cute little bakery/cafe where you could buy yummy blueberry desserts, ice cream or preserves.

But we skipped the cafe and went straight for the fields where the goods were. We were there for blueberries and that is what we were going to get!

It was a hot day and it was slow picking, since the berries were smaller than I had expected. But we stuck it out and picked about 6 litres of blueberries.

When we finally decided we had had enough, we headed out of the blueberry fields. A nice lady even offered to take a picture of us together, aren't we cute?

We paid for our bounty and then headed home to enjoy them. I left a container out for us to enjoy over the next week and then washed and froze the rest.

So there you have it, blueberry picking adventure 2013! Oh, and I forgot to mention that we made a date day of it and went geocaching beforehand and visited Lake Ontario. It was a really fun day spent together.


  1. Casey - Just think of all the yummy things I can make this winter with them! :D

    Furry Gnome - Yes, we are geocachers. We don't go that often but do enjoy it every once in a while.