Monday, September 9, 2013

Hall Closet Cleaning

Last week, I decided to tackle the hall closet. This closet is a super miscellaneous closet and has been a total mess for a good year, maybe even longer. We keep coats, boots, plastic bags, reusable bags, folding chairs, hats, scarves and mitts, Mia's treats, Mia's food, the broom and some other random stuff in there.

It was a mess, especially since I kept shoving stuff in there, instead of dealing with it. So I finally did something!

The amount of dog food on the floor is slightly disgusting. Once it was all emptied and the contents spread around the living room, I started cleaning out the closet.

Mia was very well behaved and tried not to beg too much for treats and dog food, even though they were right in front of her face the whole time I was cleaning.

I swept, then vacuumed, then wiped down the walls and door frame and finally mopped. It basically sparkled by the time I was done with it!

I then organized stuff as I put it back in and decided that some stuff could be thrown out or stored elsewhere. It looks much more organized now and easier to find things when I open the door.

Plus, I even threw out a whole pile of stuff, including our beat up riding gear from our accident back in July.

So that's it for my Monday morning cleaning post. I think I'm going to try and tackle one area of my house each week that needs organizing and cleaning. Now that summer is winding down and the cooler weather has arrived, I'm going to start working more on the inside of my house. It needs a good scrub down. Have any of you been doing any fall cleaning?


  1. Sweet closet clean-up! Kevin and I rearranged our bedroom and have begun tackling closet spaces to maximize our storage capacity. The apartment could use a good scrub down soon though...

  2. I got wondering why I couldn't seem to find any space to store the extra quilts and duvets. Well that turned out to be the window seat. What a mess. I bit the bullet and sorted out half finished quilt tops that I hate and a couple of ragged blankets for the pets...viola!

  3. Jackie - Thanks! Good job on organizing and make the most of your space.

    Karen - Doesn't it feel good once you're done though? :)

  4. Totally, totally inspired. First on the list is the third bedroom closet (so that it's actually functional for guests!) and second is the deadly hall closet downstairs. I even sent the link to this post to Jeff, so now we're both super-motivated!

  5. Tory - I'm glad I could inspire you! It feels so good once you're done, it's totally worth it. Good luck tackling those two closets!

  6. I cleaned an reorganized my living room/office/art room spaces. :) And my bedroom. Rearranged furniture and clothes mainly! And yes, it does feel good!

  7. Cora - It sounds like you got a lot done! Go you for organizing so much of your apartment!