Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hanging Plant Sanctuary... Sort of

Last year some time (or maybe even before?) my mom gave me a hoya plant. She has always had one in her house and they tend to do well there, sometimes even flowering.

Well mine doesn't like it here. At all. In fact, it's gone downhill since moving into our office and has been steadily losing leaves and looking sicker and sicker. I blame it on the fact that it was in a low-light area. Plants like sun, so I have learned. The problem was, I had no where to put it where it had sun since we're low on surfaces for plants.

Solution? Make it a hanging plant! I just didn't know how, so I made my way over to Pinterest for inspiration. And came across this tutorial on how to make your own hanging planter.

I headed off to Home Depot and picked up my supplies for under $6. Got to love a cheap easy-to-complete project.

I followed the instructions in the tutorial I found and got to work assembling it.

 I had every intention of taking pictures of my step-by-step process but got way too distracted actually making the thing and ended up being finished when I remembered I hadn't taken any more pictures. Oops.

But you get the idea, right? Just tie a bunch of knots, stick the pot in and voila!

We hung it in our bedroom with our other hanging plant, since the windows give a nice amount of light and it's out of the way enough. Every other window we tried it at, it just felt awkward.

I like it in the bedroom though. It makes for a nice little hanging plant sanctuary. Okay, not really a sanctuary but we've definitely got a theme going.

Plus, I'm pretty proud of how my hanging planter turned out.

What do you think of it? Does it look better than the ones your Grandmother had from the 1960's? You know, the hairy brown ones? I think it's an improvement over those and it totally does the job. I'd say this is a successful Pinterest project completed.


  1. :) Agreed, successful indeed! And a very simple design!

  2. Jackie - Thanks Jackie! I was pretty pleased with the cheap and efficient factor of them.

    Jenek - I'm only crafty because of Pinterest. I'm not actually creative myself. :P

  3. Haha, hanging plant sanctuary!! You have to hang a few more before calling it a sanctuary. But bravo on the hanger, and yay for plants!! :D

  4. Cora - I know it's not a sanctuary yet. I just didn't know what to title the post. :P